2008 Trials

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Adjuvant Winter Double Cropping Wheat, Barley and Oat Crops Trail Summary

Feb 2008: One Farmer, FD, East Bend, NC.

Feb 2008: 10 Famers added all classified as half price lifetime test farmers

May 2008: Barley Farmer reports he grew twice the Barley and straw on 9 acres, than 18!

May 2008; Oats Farmer reports he grew 133 bushels Oats per acre with Test weight of 38.8 lbs, previous best 100 bushels.

May 2008: Wheat Farmers reported Adjuvant got them between 10 to 20 bushels additional wheat per acre. 95 to 115 bushels and 63-64 lbs TW typical.

May 2008; Farmers experiencing high winds blowing down wheat and oat crops, but they stood back up. Grinning farmer says this aint normal.

May 2008: Farmers increased to about 75 because of the word of mouth craze spreading by farmers throughout western carolina.

Adjuvant Summer Corn, Soybeans, Tobacco, Hays, DNS Wheat and Peanuts Trail Summary

June 2008: Farmers having told others and national media has increased test farmers in 18 states to over 500 farmers.

August 2008: Farmers experiencing high winds blowing down tobacco and corn crops, but they stood back up. Grinning farmer again says can't believe it.

August 2008: Peanut Farmer reports his peg count on his peanuts is 24 treated and 10 untreated, hopes to double his crop.

Sept 2008: Many Soybean Farmers are looking at 60 to 80 bushels per acre, well see!

Sept 2008: Several Ohio farmers reporting in they are getting 6 more bushels, but had no rain.

Sept 2008: Michigan farmers reporting in they are getting 15% more pods increase in Soybeans, hopeful to start double cropping.

Sept 2008: Several farmers report they arent going to grow wheat or corn in 2009 because of NPK prices!

Sept 2008: NC farmer reports his determinant group 3 beans are growing to harvest 20 days sooner. Michigan farmers are paying attention!

Sept 2008: Tobacco notices leaves are thick, but goes to market with his bails which get rejected. 300 lbs overweight 37% increase! Re-stacking Time.

Sept 2008: Dozen Tobacco farmers all reported extremely happy with crops, some had been insurance crops and got reversed.

Sept 2008: Orchard Grass, Millet and Fescue Hays are looking great now that rains have restarted.

Sept 2008: Corn never got but 3/4 inch rain in NC, but harvest varied between 80 and 225 bushels of corn.

Sept 2008: Montana DNS Wheat trials showed 15% increase in wheat and 1% increase in protein. Product applied to half grown plants!

Sept 2008: Next is the harvest data from about 200 soybeans farmers in North Carolina.

Oct 2008: Freddie reports soybean harvest 68.8 bu. acre, beats best ever in 25 years by 14 bushels acre.

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