Cotton Farmer Chipley, Florida reported when Soysoap used 20 Bolls in just the first 3 leaves, and lots of other benefits, Lots of Ruffing Bolls, Lots of Fruit in the bottom of the plants, Once they start growing it is amazing.

Farmer: If there is enuff grocery, Its gonna carry on!

Jerry: You just start counting with your hands, two, four that's the grown boll, six, eight, 10, 12, 14, 16 you count 20 bolls. Three-four leaves, that is where the fruits down on the bottom.

Farmer: It seems to me like; it's got more cotton up in the top.

UF Ext. Agent: The stuff that you sprayed?

Farmer: Well it seems like the cotton has set more stuff up in the top.

Clay Olsen: On what you sprayed with the Soysoap?

Jerry: Yeah even this right here see this is set a bloom, it's about through, see that one right there, you got some up there, they'll probably bloom but they're going to have to bloom pretty quick.

Clay Olsen: See what they'll do, what they'll do…

Jerry: Yeah they're probably set too.

Clay Olsen: See this right here on the shade to bloom, now this in here boll but it probably get

Farmer: I'm going to tell you when gets on that you'll be surprised on how quick it will get grown, it's amazing.

Jerry: Put in these down here, it's going to put it up here.

Clay Olsen: And you don't got…

Farmer: Now looking down there I see they don't got grown.

Clay Olsen: You don't got to speckled bolls three quarter way up the stalk; look at that bow right there he is maturing quick look at that.

Jimmy: And you sprayed Soysoap on this cotton how many times?

Jerry: I know I had Soysoap put on twice. But I put in on that April the last time and I was drugging it over.

Jimmy: Talk to me Jerry, this cotton right?

Jerry: Yeah.

Jimmy: That's good looking bow - a lot of bolls on that.

Clay Olsen: See what I mean.

Jerry: A lot of bolls, a lot of bolls, roofing bolls.

Farmer: Plenty of bolls on them.

Clay Olsen: This one right here is two times.

Farmer: I would figure it's as much 50 you put on. They were small then we picked they were that big.

Jerry: We put Soysoap on it this right here probably had Soysoap only three times.

Farmer: Soysoap Three times?

Clay Olsen: Three times?

Farmer: This cotton bolls.

Jerry: You see that stalk right there, and see most of the fruits right up on the top.

Farmer: Yeah.

Jerry: And that's the way it is but you got two stalks right side by side.

Farmer: Yeah.

Jerry: Most of it that's the way it is, it's planted two bolls, I mean two stalks.

Farmer: They're all over its going to be.

Clay Olsen: It's like I said I can't tell nothing about it, but it just to me it doesn't look better too bad, so far.

Jerry: Look at the bolls…

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