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Ground Water Remediation: BioBased Technology was developed in support of the 2002-2008 Farm Security Act, the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act to enhance sustainable agriculture around the world. Its surfactant effect has been proven by farmers, universities and research agronomists to enhance efficiency of crop protection chemicals, and fertilizer. SoySoap (TM) is a federal trademark for a family of custom-formulated products, which are sold only under private labels by independent distributors in each state or country. The Florida Department of Environment (FDEP) approved product for remediation of ground water and other soil contaminants!

Adjuvant II 50% better than Adjuvant I: 2009 Comprehensive testing for Adjuvant II showed great promise with a 50% increase in production.

The mission of BioBased USA: Safely raising the quality and quantity of world food crops with - the quantum-Agrophysics energy of liquid micelles which are less than one billionth of a meter. The effect: Plant circulation systems become clean superconductors of nutrients between roots and leaves. Roots grow deeper. Crop sugars rise. Yields, taste and nutritional quality climb. This single product has been approved for water and soil remediation by the Florida EPA (CLEAN WATER ACT) and helps converts more CO2 to Oxygen (CLEAN AIR ACT) than other methods by increasing crops, and reducing hunger! "It is diffiucult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." Upton Sinclair

Our primary agricultural product line is called Adjuvant. Its formulations are marketed only by approved distributors under their own private labels. All our products are made entirely from Generally Recognized as Safe ingredients on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's "EAFUS" list of "Everything Added to Food in the United States." We also produce soil and groundwater remediation products, non-toxic vegetable washes, and anti-microbial cleansers. This season, farmers are again reporting improved crop performance after applying our Adjuvant. Yield gains over non-treated controls are widest on lower fertility soil, or when crops are under drought stress.

Resistant weed control with world's first surfactant The last herbicide the farmers got was Glyphosate in the 1990's. Just 17 years later we have all these weeds resistant without control. We might not get another herbicide, so we decided to make the ones work by eliminating the resistance in the plants.

Also, farmers who tank-mixed our “nano-surfactant” Adjuvant with 41% generic glyphosate are also reporting a bonus benefit. Farmers have been reporting to us resistant weed control. The mix controlled glyphosate-resistant weeds including Palmer Amaranth, Pig Weed, Milkweed, Lambsquater, Mares Tail, Sickle Pod, Waterhemp, Morning Glories, Coffee Beans, Tropical Spiderwart, Careless Weed (Hog Weed), Canadian Thistle, Tee Weed, Velvetleaf, and Giant Ragweed.

Cleaning sprayers once may not be enough: R.N. began spraying this week, using a three-year-old 1,000-gal. sprayer with a 90-foot boom. He read the cleanout instructions on our label, but thought that since his sprayer was so new and looked so clean inside he didn't do the pre-wash routine. R. N. story: "The first batch went out fine. Then with the second load, the nozzles began losing pressure -- the filters were getting partially clogged. I had to beat a rain, so I just slowed down and kept going. I finished about 15 minutes before it started raining. I found the main filter about half clogged and the five individual filters on the boom lines about a third full of residue. This stuff is a tank cleaner, all right."

7-29-2009 Unbeliveable Alfalfa 22.5 Protein and 50 point increase in RFV Although I have been doing this since 1997, even I get excited from unexpected test results. For the last 2 years I kept getting asked, what about alfalfa. My standard answer is try and see it should work just fine. Well a distributor of ours did just that. This is just the first of several alfalfa trials he conducted. The control has a 12% crude protein, and after the alfalfa was treated crude Dry Wt. protein of 22.15 or 85% increase. The farmer was able to move his RFV from Fair, passed Good and Premium, all the way to Prime. What was even more remarkable was the farmer increased his alfalfa by 1500 lbs per acre and was able to raise his entire alfalfa crop 5500 lbs per acre and 50 points higher of RFV. This story will be continued in Progressive Farmer and Ag Professional Magazine, and if interested email us!

Common-Sense Approach to Beyond Organics Growing! Biobased USA wholly supports any growing process that can reduce pesticides, increase nutrient density to increase health, safer foods for consumers, safer farming for farmers and safer products for the environment. We are in fact approved by several organic growing certifiers for farmers. But we also feel that our approach to farming is unique in that we grow food with food. We use nothing but US GOV FDA approved food additives. Its what we eat and we have figured out how to increase production and eliminate pesticides. People eat what we grow with and you surely wouldn't eat pesticides or even some of the approved organic inputs! My problem is... I just cant wrap my mind around why our method of growing food isn't accepted by the organic management! As they say we are what we eat, and its no wonder we have over 100 pesticide residuals in our body. Can someone tell me what good or harm these pesticides in my body are doing, as they aren't usually prescribed as vitamins? Can someone tell why and how these pesticides residuals were allowed to get into my body and why we are accumulating more each day. I'll tell you why. It's because we are growing crops with 19th century technology in a 21st century world. Its time for change! "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." Upton Sinclair

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