Okra with Soysoap fights off Frost!

Florida Sheriff’s Farm Manger for Onions testimonial by the staff in Florida. The Farm consists of severeal acres that are utilized for food crops. The Vegetables grown are distributed to many food banks through out the County area. Additional vegetables grown are also given to facilitate the inmates at the County Jail. The Farm has been in existence for approximately 20 years.

The goal of our farm has always been to grow vegetables through Green and Organic products and safer practices of agriculture. Do to liabilities in excess of the average farmer we have been forced to find alternatives for growing and protecting our crops.

About 4 months ago we were introduced to Soysoap 1. Upon meeting the representative we had never heard of a product like Soysoap 1 nor did we know this product was being manufactured right here in Florida. The representative proved to use with out a shadow of doubt that it is an all "green" product and would do things for the plants that they had never seen before. The cost of the product was just $3.00 an acre weekly!

After a thorough explanation of how the Product is applied 1/4 oz per gallon, and the best possible application program to use. We decided to give this company a try like many others that have approached us. This is what we discovered:

A. The product is 100% safe. I have been in contact with it several times with no sign of any problems, irritations or reactions of any kind.

B. When applied at 1/4 ounce once per week the first thing we noticed was the color or chloropohll of the plants changing to a darker shade of green. As if the plants were getting healthier. The leaves became cleaner and shining.

C. Our first crop tested was Clemson OKRA. With the Soysoap 1 spray program, we have grown Onions to 8’ high and have grown over 1500 lbs more vs control of Okra on our facilities on a small plot.

We planted the Okra yhsy was put into the ground. We were so impressed with the Okra that we decided to use this product on all vegetable crops as well. We started by soaking the seedlings in a 20 minute bath at 1/4 ounce per gallon. We are now completely convinced that this product works extremely well and we have our drum set up on a full time mixing station. Soysoap 1 saves the County money and has enabled us to maximize crop production. We have successfully grown 2 crops at the Farm with no fertilizers and we are now spraying the various other hedges and ornamentals in and around the buildings. We recommend this product to any farmer wishing to reduce operating costs and maximize the potential, profits, and protection of his or her crops. This product pays for itself

39 Days Treated Okra Left - 39 Days Untreated Right

Treated Okra 1 1/4 Inch Stalks

Untreated 5/8 Inch Stalks

8 Inch Okra

8 inch Okra

Treated Okra Left vs Untreated Right

Soysoap 1 (PL) AGRO-BOOST Treated Okra in Saint Lucia!
This Farmer wanted to try Agro-Boost on his Okras. Just for fun to see if Agro-boost can truly be used on any plant.
This is what happened. The size of the leaves tripled and the yield per plant tripled. One plant had about 15 pods. lol

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