Soysoap SR-101 Spray Tank Cleaner:

Soysoap SR-101 Spray Tank Cleaner: Unexpected chemicals in your spray rig that end up on your crop simply means chemical damage or lost crop yield. If you contract your spraying and see leaf or plant damage its most likely your contractor did not clean out properly his spray rig.

Biobased USA has developed a Nanosoap spray rig cleaner that has the smallest particle size in the world at 1/2 of 1 nanometer or 6 Picotechnologys. Simply put 6 Picotechnologys is like comparing your pinky finger to the size of the earth. What that means is this molecule size soap can get into places that surfactants, ammonia and existing tank cleaners cant, so you can get crop damage simply put. This product can thoroughly clean years of accumulated chemicals out of your spray tank, caked chemicals in your pumps, filters, nozzles, and lines. This video is worth watching and listen to the farmer described the product. Farmer dumbfounded and says where did all this color come from, it was years of accumulated chemicals caked in the pumps. Its been reported to us that since major spray companies have started to use this product they have never had to buy a field from chemical damage.

CHEMICAL DAMAGED CROPS RESCUED: Also a side note our Soysoap 2 product has recovered several chemicals damaged field and reversed the damage to give the farmer all time high yields on cotton, soybeans, tomatoes, tobacco and more. One thing we constantly hear from our farmers is this is the most unbelievable spray rig cleaner they have ever used. If you don't have a clean rig you can put down the wrong chemicals on your crops. This can kill your crops if not drastically reduce your crop health and yields. We have a link to several university that state some of the problems with dirty spray rigs and what doesnt clean spray rigs.

Now you have an alternative to a crop insurance claims!

2013 Spray Tank Cleaner Link

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Product even cleaned Nu Film 17 sticker off the screens.

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