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The purpose of this group is for discussions of angstrom particle size only on new agricultural production using methods using, not synthetic hydrocarbons, but farm grown carbon hydrate based angstrom particle sized ingredients which operate in the realm of quantum electro mechanical Agrophysics for pests management and extraordinary plant nutrition.

These new products might never become available, as they might not be patentable since they are made of food stuffs, and therefore the tradional agri-chemical world may never sell them!

These angstrom cides and angstrom nutrients methods will employ products that are in the angstrom particle size or sub . These product will be derived of US FDA Food Additives (EAFUS). So we are going to talk about IPM programs for agricultural productions made of food.

The keywords associated with this group will be quantum electro mechanical Agrophysics, angstrom scale, nanoscale, angstrom technology, biotechnology, nanonutrients, angstrom nutrients, chemistry, micelles, agriculture production, angstrom emulsion, nanoemulsion, brix, starvation and world hunger.

Much has been written about the forthcoming revolution in nanoscale biotechnology and how we will look upon our world after the first significant products appear heralding in the new age of atomic construction and relationships.

The emergence of a variety of angstrom scale organic products, embodying the latest advances in angstrom technology and developed through the use of chemistry, is one of this century's most promising advances in environmental science.

Billions and Billions of dollars are being spent on , but I haven't seen a cent spent on and how it can be used to improve agriculture products. World hungers and starvation a world priority and nothing spent on research in the or angstrom technology areas. But at least private companies are researching this and we are here to report and discuss.

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