2011 Ohio Tobacco Troy Duncan: PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap got 450-500 Lbs Burley Tobacco per acre.

After seeing trial results from the Biobased.us research farm in West Tennessee, C.A. Duncan and son Troy. Ordered a small amount of product in 2010 to try on their tobacco crops. “Last year we had some improvement in our tobacco, but there is always room for more,” said Troy. PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap got 450 more Lbs Burley Tobacco acre and upgraded entire crop! Even $1.46 pound still get you $657 more per acre for $30 of PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap = ROI of 20 to 1 not counting increasing grade on all the 2200 lbs per acre crop!

In 2011 the Duncan’s planted about 75 acres of tobacco. On the last setting they left a 7 acre control plot on some of the best crop land. “We could tell a difference in the PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap treated and untreated tobacco and I wish I had left a smaller acreage for the control plot. The treated tobacco on the poor land made a better crop than the untreated tobacco on the good land,” stated Troy. “We had a 95% live rate on plants where PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap was added to transplant water and an 80-85% live rate on untreated plants. The PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap treated crop had a more consistent color, growth, and height. Our average yield had been from 1700-1750 lbs. to 2000 lbs. This year we should have no problem having a 2200 lbs. average. I can safely say PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap is going to increase my average yield about 450-500 lbs per acre. When using PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap, the tobacco stayed “in case” better and we were able to take tobacco down more often. Not only are we seeing an increase in poundage, but also an increase in quality.” C.A. and Troy Duncan are very pleased with the performance of PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap this year and plan to use more next year on their other crops.

Steve Moseley: We’re out here with Troy Duncan this morning over here in Patriot, Ohio and Troy’s been using our PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap product on his tobacco the last year. Troy we were having a little conversation while ago about what PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap was doing to your tobacco could you kind of explain that to me again what you’re seeing on your tobacco with the PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap?

Troy Duncan: Well I’ve been seeing a real good consistent type of tobacco grown with the PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap so that’s the number one thing that I can say we’ve been seeing with the PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap product.

Steve Moseley: You were talking about when you transplanted the plants and put it in the setter water what were you seeing there after you transplanted the tobacco plants with the PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap in the water what difference were you seeing between the treated and the untreated?

Troy Duncan: I saw a real good livability with the tobacco that had the PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap and the setter water and good – better 95/90% live with the PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap product and probably about 85% - 80% live without it so it made a difference and everybody knows if you got more plants to harvest it’s better.

Steve Moseley: Oh absolutely, we’re standing here in front of the barn here right now with your tobacco how does your tobacco cure out this time Troy?

Troy Duncan: It’s cured up real good it’s got a pretty good color this isn’t quite done with the cure but it’s almost there and there’s couple of different varieties in this barn but we’re real pleased we used the product last year and this year and I think our cure has been as good as – well with last year’s we had a favorable weather here in South Eastern Ohio because last year was bad for everybody except us in this little corner. Let’s see 2010 was the yellow, the K years so everybody was hurting in that year and we got by pretty good I mean I think it was half our weather and probably a little bit to do with our healthier plants and a good cure down. Last year our tobacco never ran out of case I forgot to mention that, it never really went out of case or feel the ability to take the tobacco down I know it’s called different things in different parts of the country, but we could always go out there and consistently take tobacco down basically whenever we wanted to and it hasn’t meant so much this year but we’ve had some times you’re not going to get it in case whatever you do this year but now we’ve got a good case and it will stay in case a lot better that’s what we’re noticing with it now.

Steve Moseley: You said you had stripped some sticks off just to see what and you thought -- didn’t you tell me you thought you were gaining about a half a pound of stick roughly?

Troy Duncan: Yeah about half a pound is I think what we’re gaining this is – I don’t know – I don’t want to put this on the video but we’ve been doing consistently year in year out we’ve had probably 1700 pounds per acre which 1750 or whatever it’s about a pound and three quarter per stick we’ve jumped that with the PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap product to about 2.1 to 2.2 per stick or 2200 per acre however you want to figure that.

Steve Moseley: So you recon roughly about a 500 pound increase?

Troy Duncan: About yeah, I’d say that’s pretty safe and with our trials we did I think it’s going to pan out too.

Steve Moseley: Right okay, all right. Well Troy I appreciate your time today and everything or we’re going to kind of wrap this up here right now but we appreciate your use of the PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap and what would you tell people that are going to be seeing this video that what’s your recommendation on PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap to them?

Troy Duncan: Well I think people need to try the product I think it’s a good product it will make them money I mean and that’s what we’re all after I think it’ll pan out and the more you use it the more you’ll want to use some more and that’ll be good for you of course. But I think it does a lot of the stuff that is as advertised it makes plants better and those plants are there to sustain me. I mean as this crop tries to sustain me and I think it does a real good job on getting these plants healthy. I think – I’ve never been proponent of not using any fungicide anything like that, but if your plants are healthier it takes less of the fungicide and the insecticide. I don’t ever advocate not using that stuff but I think if you use the PicoAg 25B Aka Soysoap product along with it I think your insecticide bill and your fungicide bill and all that stuff will lessen, so I think that’s probably one of the big attributes of this product, so.

Steve Moseley: Right, alright well Troy we thank you today, appreciate it.

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