Dr. Leon Hesser famous for his assistance to Dr. Norman Borlaug. Dr. Borluag won the Nobel Prize for Food Production and is credited for saving as many as 300 million people in Pakistan and India with Mexipak wheat. Dr. Hesser has been a farmer or assisted farmers for over 70 years with USAID and other organizations and provides this critical review of Soysoap after witnessing some amazing wheat results.

Leon Hesser: Iím Leon Hesser. Iím here in North Carolina, few miles west of Winston-Salem. And Iím here talking Ė meeting with a group of farmers about Ė Iíve met with about 8 or 10 so far who are using a new technology. A growth stimulant that has a code name of Soysoap. Itís so new. It doesnít have a genuine name yet, but it is a remarkable product.

Let me give you a little bit of my own background so youíll know where Iím coming from. I grew up on a farm in Indiana. I farmed until I was 30 years old and then went to college and went into international work. I worked in about 20 different countries around the globe. So, Iíve seen a lot of different kinds of agriculture, but I have never experienced anything like what Iím seeing here in North Carolina.

These 8 or 10 farmers that Iíve met with are growing corn, soybeans, barley, wheat, oats, tobacco and a few other crops. The main thing that weíre seeing on this trip that Iím here on now is the harvest of wheat and oats. And itís just absolutely remarkable. One man who said that the highest yield of wheat he had ever had was 70 bushels. This year, so far what heís harvest he said is averaging 90, some of us going 110 and thatís just typical of what each of these farmers are saying. And there is this result is because of use of this new growth stimulant Soysoap.

The test wheat of wheat Ė this man said itís 63, 64 pounds and most wheat that has not been treated with this product will run either below 60 or maybe not more than 60 pounds. So, thatís a remarkable difference. On the oats, one man has 50 or 51 acres, he got a bin that holds 6,500 bushels and he said that thing is going to hold it all, that turns into 120, 125 bushels to acre of oats. So, thatís just absolutely remarkable.

Theyíre also using it on soybeans and corn. Only one farmer in this area has actually harvested some beans where itís been treated as the Soysoap. But the difference in the yields, again, was something like 50% more than the ones that were not treated. So, itís fascinating product and other people need to know about it.

I think thatís about all I can say about at the moment. But itís Soysoap spreading. I met with Ė I had dinner last night with half a dozen of these farmers and some of them brought their wives along. And later, their reaction to this is different from anything Iíve seen in any place in the world. And itís going to spread very, very fast. Thank you very much.

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