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USA 2008 Field Trials: Soybeans 1, Soybeans 2, Soybeans 3, Wind & Lodging Resistance, Frost Resistance,
Wheat, Oats, Peanuts

Agriculture Videos by Subject

Company Review
Winter Wheat-Oat Crop "Adjuvant" Review.
Soybeans: Infamous Treated and Untreated East Bend Fields.
Soybeans: Wayne and Kent Farmers say Adjuvant "Miracle Soap".
Soybeans, Tobacco, Corn and Wheat, great crops with no rain!
Soybeans: PD, Todd County, Kentucky Inspects Adjuvant Grown Soybeans in NC.
Soybeans: PD, Todd County, Kentucky Gets 5 Inches Soybeans 9 days.
2008 Soybeans Harvest Results, First of about 30 more, Come Back Often!
Yield Results: North Carolina GL Barringer Twice State Average.
Oats: Freddie Combining Two Fields 125 Average Bushels Per Acre.
Oats: Field Inspection Projects 110 to 120 Bushels Per Acre.
Oats: Plant Inspections Show Lots of Stalks.
Oats: Interview Freddie about his High Yield Wind Resistant Oat crop!
Wheat: 4 Row Wheat Heads, Farmer got 125 Bushels Average.
Wheat: Freddie discuss the 5 inch wheat heads.
Wheat: Interviews farmer said Yields Best Ever, If its green spray it!
Wheat: Smiling farmer when monitor hit 160 bushels acre.
Wheat: Farmer says he seed washed and got 64 lbs test weight.
Wheat: Treated with Adjuvant was 110 bushels, and untreated was 60.
Corn: Wind Resistant Corn, Blew down and stood up not crook it, never bowed!
Tobacco: Doub's talking about crop being wind resistant and record yield!

FLORIDA SERIES: Garden Center - Lanscape/Nursery - OKRA Sweet Potatoe Farmer

Garden Center - Fort Myers Florida
Jim and Ed Scrivner's Garden Center
Florida Okra and Sweet Potatoe Farmer
Florida Landscape Nursery Manager

FLORIDA NORTHERN: Cotton, Peanuts, Soybeans and Corn
Florida Soybeans
Florida Cotton
Florida Corn
Florida Peanuts

Adjuvant Application
Spray Rates: Freddie discuss product application.
Why Spray Rig Cleaning 1
Why Spray Rig Cleaning 2
Thailand: One Rice Farmer changes Rice Production, 5000 Follow!

Pests Elininated when Pesticides Stopped
Pests Eliminated when Pesticides Stopped

OFF-TOPIC: Window Cleaning Made Easy!
Window Cleaning Made Easy!