Soysoap Spray Rates: Freddie discuss the use of Adjuvant spray rates, carrier, timings, ounces per acre of Oats, Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Cotton, Peanuts

Transciption of Interview!

Soysoap Spray Rates

Dr. Hesser: Tell us a little bit about the spray rates and the timing and that kind of thing. How much of this Soysoap do you put on?

Freddie: Well, last year we used 30 gallons of water and 8 ounces of Soysoap. This year we're going to cut it back and use 10-15 gallons of water and we're going to use 8 ounces.

We sprayed it one time last year, but this time we're going to spray it twice. We're going to spray it at about 3 inches tall on the beans and then we're going to come back at probably 5-6 inches and spray it again about 20 days apart. We're still going to use 8 ounces, but we're going to mix Round-Up with it to kill all the weeds that we hadn't gotten rid of before but burned down.

On the oats, we run 8 ounces. We put it on in the early spring. We didn't mix it with 30% nitrogen. Now some did. I had a cousin who mixed his with 30% on wheat and he burned it pretty bad where he mixed the Soysoap of 8 ounces and 30% nitrogen, but in a week's time, it had come back as green, or greener, than normal. He is so tickled with his wheat crop this time, and we are really tickled with our oat crop.

We didn't get to spray ours but once, but he sprayed his twice on his wheat. He hasn't got to harvest it yet, but he thinks he's going to have some record yields.

Also, we have a neighbor who has tried it and he used 8 ounces to, I believe he said, 12 gallons of water on his wheat. He is tickled of his yield because his test weight is so much higher than what it normally has been. It's just looking great.

On corn, we're going to spray it. Now some of our corn is getting plenty big, but I'd love to spray it when it's about a foot tall. We got some about 15-18 inches, so we've got to get on it. We're going to run about 10 gallons of water and 8 ounces of Soysoap. We're going to try to spray it twice, but we may not get it sprayed but once since it's getting pretty big. We are going to spray some twice, try it, and see how much difference it'll make.

On soy beans, we definitely are going to spray all of them twice. Last year we got one spray in and it worked out really great for us, so I'm going to try some of it twice and about 20 days apart at 8 ounces to 10-12 gallons of water.

Dr. Hesser: So you can use different amounts of water or other spray material but it's the 8 ounces of the Soysoap that is pretty standard.

Freddie: Last year it showed us real good results on the winter crops, oats and wheat and all, everybody is saying and I've experienced it on my oats, that it's really showing us a good return. You can still mix your other stuff with it. You use theirs at the recommended rate, like Warrior, and put in 8 ounces of the Soysoap. So, it's looking really good.

Don Wilshe: Freddie, yesterday, you had a Karate customer call you. What did he say?

Freddie: He used Karate at their recommended rate and then he used the Karate with 8 ounces of Soysoap. With his Karate with the Soysoap, his yield was so much greater that he wants more Soysoap to put on other crops.

Don Wilshe: Okay. Well, thanks a lot, Dr. Hesser and Freddie. I'll be back for another report. When are we going to be getting some of them beans and corn out of the ground?

Freddie: Well, we've got some beans out now but they just ain't quite big enough to spray. Now, the corn we've got to get on it in the next day and get it sprayed. We need some rain, but if it comes a good rain it's going to get away from us, size-wise.

Don Wilshe: Well, thanks an awful lot. Y'all have a good day.