2010 North Carolina: GL Barringer and Friend Soysoap Grow, Up to 4.75 Lbs. Beauregards and Covingtons Sweet Potatoes, Solid color throughout most ever grown!

All of these sweet potatoes were grown with Soysoap and we do the same on white potates all around the world.

GL Barringer: I am standing here with my neighbor Walter Carr last year we came over and made picture of a potato patch, showed a picture of potatoes starting to growing up out of the ground. Now when you getting by and make a picture of this potato. And I thought this year I was going to do it alright? This was this potato patch and we hadn't had any rain here in about 30 days.

Walter: Carr: That's a long time.

GL Barringer: We had a stretch had a little rain, but these potatoes - you tell me how you planted your potatoes, what you did to them all summer long this.

Walter: Carr: I planted these potatoes I think it was only either the 2nd or 3rd of May, and no fertilizer whatsoever. I used Soysoap. I popped dressed them with the Soysoap about four times during their growth period and that's all that they've had all along. I have got the most biggest potatoes this year I've ever seen in my life.

GL Barringer: And we're going to look at them in a minute up here to see it. Well I've stepped over there in days and Walter was digging these potatoes. He is doing hell of something to get them out of the ground. Had to water the ground…

Walter: Carr: I watered the ground and just soaking it up.

GL Barringer: They were so hard and you couldn't dig them out with a sword.

Walter: Carr: Yeah.

GL Barringer: And I was looking at a couple of potatoes after growing out of the ground, so look how you know you dig yourself. But he's got them all up now. We go and he washed them and got some of them for sale, and we are going to use some. and show you the size of these potatoes. And this has really been a real dry summer; I bet if we look we'd find some cracks in the ground. I got cracks in my yard. But then they're real dry but this - you can see this sort of a sandy loam, somewhat sandy loam …

Walter: Carr: They are pretty, pretty in the ground.

GL Barringer: Its on the ground but let's go look at the potatoes.

Walter: Carr: This potato weighed four three to four pounds when it came out of the ground. Got shrunk a little bit but it's a fraction of four and a half. This one, and almost identical It weighs just a fraction over four and a quarter pounds. Now I've got I don't know six or eight more in here, it weighs four pounds or four and a quarter or something like that in that range, and I've got a bunch in there, one is three and a half. Whenever I dig my sweet potatoes I learnt from my daddy 50 years ago that you wash your sweet potatoes and you do not wash Irish potatoes that way they looks good and clean and if you want and a half. I've got monsters, I've got middle sized ones, I've got little ones and this is a proper crop this year. I don't really understand now this changed so much unless it is its called a liquid Soysoap. And one of those I have used this on my potatoes for three years and it has got excellent results, I can't complain.

GL Barringer: You know on those bunch of potatoes, I had some of these big ones last year.

GL Barringer: That's an amazing root crop isn't it?

Walter: Carr: Yeah and it's unreal and a lot of these potatoes, you can see by the discoloring of it that potato was that much out of the ground.

GL Barringer: Its still got green on it.

Walter: Carr: Its still got green on the out of the ground this part was is in the ground. And it is unreal that one potato - this potato in particular that would probably feed a family of four or five at one meal. It's unreal.

GL Barringer: You know, it's almost one potato this size, they were all about same size I am amazed. This is supposed to be a root crop.

Walter: Carr: This part is definitely a root crop.

GL Barringer: So the source good root system put it all under so. And I'm prepared but if you can see that either on the side of all these potatoes. I don't know it just but I haven't seen a potato that big. It's a hard potato its not

Walter: Carr: Its solid its not

GL Barringer: They look good. The

GL Barringer: I am amazed, these are

Walter: Carr: Yeah.

GL Barringer: I mean more than…

Walter: Carr: I had one last year. It was three and a half pounds. It was about the size of this. And then the rest of them were normal little ones but these are good. They are pretty orange inside.

GL Barringer: So you got Beauregards

Walter: Carr: These are these are called covingtons.

GL Barringer: Which ones are the bigger ones here and pretty orange inside.

Walter: Carr: Beauregards

GL Barringer: These are Beauregards

Walter: Carr: Yeah.

GL Barringer: And all.

Walter: Carr: Now got some really big Beauregards too big to be in the carvings but they are nothing compared that's what I raised last year.

GL Barringer: My wife just last year didn't so that's.

Walter: Carr: Yeah.

GL Barringer: The fact that it's still good that's what's amazing to me.

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