Picotechnology is Game Changer for today's Agriculture "PicoAG 4-N-1 product" made of only atoms 1000 times smaller than nano and made of femto elements! Pico Ag will replace Ag chemicals, Ag Fertilizer, Ag Remediation, Ag Pesticides, Ag Nematodes, No Side Effects with a single product of atoms 100% organic matter. So this begs the questions why isn't Picotechnology taught in any worldwide university, because their would be no Agri-Chem!! A technology change will eliminate says university millions of employed! The purge has started! Change the way people think and people will never be the same!

World Speaking Invitations PicoTechnology vs Nanotechnology!
1) 3rd World Congress & Expo on Nanotechnology and Materials Science during March 25-26, 2019 Dubai, UAE
2) World Chemistry Forum Nano Science Technology, May 22-24, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain

In 2016 we had 2 Agriculture Journals papers published!
Sweet Sorghum 1312015AJEA23608 Biofuel Feedstock 50% less Fertilizer
Canola Bio-Material Analyses of Two Canola Cultivars 50% Less fertilizer!

Biobased USA Future Products 2019- 2020 - Soysoap and PicoAg

Biobased USA, Farmers best friend for 20 years using particle physics, Not Chemicals, Nanotechnology or Graphene! Since 2003 we specialize in Vegetable Crops using Soysoap 1 Fifty (50) Acres per gallon, Just $5.00 an acre 30 to 50% increase per picking and 2 to 4 extra pickings versus control.

Major Crops Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Cotton, Oats, Barley, Tobacco $6.00 acre, 25 Acres a gallon, increases in crop production way beyond Agrichem

"PicoAg Soil" is 100% organic matter, no chemicals and we are seeking 10 x 10 sq feet testers now: In 2019 we will start selling a multiple purpose soil product that has more than a 5000 year life span. It does remediation, it is a fertilizer, is an Nutrient Delivery, and can reverse tied up minerals in soils. This futuristic product will reduce poverty, farmer suicides and hunger. It will increase soil microsiemens, and increase vegetable crop by up 300% production and that is money for you! In 2018 a farmer said after using PicoAg R on his soils for 1 year the soils went from hard to spongy soils, others said their soils were more mellow. Lastly, a farmer said one time was enough and could see the benefit the next year. And who doesnt want to use the fertilizers they have already paid for? We see little reason for a 33 Billion dollar Aerator business by 2023 when you can do same with picotechnology.

"PicoAg Fertilizer" is 100% organic matter no chemicals: In 2019 we continue trials to replace 300 lbs of fertilizer with "PicoAg Fertilizer" 8oz for $50.00 acre to do the same. "PicoAg Fertilizer" has 1,616,931,197,021,738,000,000,000 atomic particles per acre: no wastewater treatment sludge, no filler, no saw dust, no dirt. Its has never been about pounds its about nutrient particle translocation into the plants. "PicoAg Fertilizer" is 100% organic matter no chemicals: A single fertilizer pellet is 2.2 millimeters. "PicoAg Fertilizer" has 6,470,588 atoms to equal one pellet. What do you think is going to nourish the plant, Pellet or "PicoAg Fertilizer"! In 2021 we will do covalent bonds CC, CB, CP, CN, and CS. Our future bonds will be a Molecule of CNPK!

"PicoAg Nematodes" is 100% organic matter no chemicals: In 2019 we start selling to replace Nemacides! University's 3rd Test was a 100% kill as we sort out the dilution rates and time to kill on all 3 stages. Nematodes are microscopic worms that cause $80 billion dollars of crop loss in the world each year. All crops are damaged by at least one species of nematodes. We have also started trails on soybean cyst nematodes!

"PicoAg Pesticides" is 100% organic matter no chemicals: In 2019 we will have a product for foreign sales to eliminate all pesticides (bacteria, fungi, virus and small insects), Been in development with great results for 5 years!
Colleges, Governments Free Tested for this Agriculture Futuristic Technology last 5 years
as a replacement for chemicals!

Arizona State University
Australian Bio-Security-Australia
Delta College-India 
Florida State Bio-Control Facility 
Hulst Research Farm Services 
Iowa State University
Mississippi State University 
North Carolina A&T 
North Carolina State University 
Ohio State University 
Panama Organic Fertilizer & Pesticide Certification 
Republic of the Philippines 
Philippines Government
Rutgers University 
Rutgers University IR-4
Shanxi Agriculture University-China 
Soil Foodweb Institute 
South Dakota State University 
State of Maryland 
Texas A&M University 
Thailand FDA Registration 
Thailand Government
University of Florida University of Georgia 
University of Guelph-Canada
University of Georgia 
University of Kentucky 
University of Madras-India 
University of Massachusetts 
University of Miami 
University of Nebraska Lincoln 
University of Tennessee 
Vietnam Foods Vietnam 
Vietnam Government MARD
Vietnam Tien Giang Agricultural Center
Virginia Tech 

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