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Conversion of atLEAF units

atLEAF units to wheat N fertilizer/Protein

atLEAF+ value: N fertilizer (lb/acre) : N fertilizer (kg/ha) : Protein concentration % :

Wheat N fertilizer to atLEAF units

N fertilizer (lb/acre) : atLEAF+ value:

N fertilizer (kg/ha) : atLEAF+ value:

Wheat Protein concentration (%) to atLEAF units

Protein Concentration(%) : atLEAF+ value:

The conversions are obtained following:
  • 2013-2014 Research Report to the California Wheat Commission
    Calibrating In-field Diagnostic Tools to Improve Nitrogen Management for High Yield and High Protein Wheat in the Sacramento Valley
    PI: Mark Lundy, UC Cooperative Extension Agronomy Advisor

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  • atLEAF to SPAD units/Total chl

    atLEAF+ value: SPAD units : Total chl :

    The conversion to SPAD units is performed according to the calculations of Zhu, Tremblay, and Liang (9). The total chlorophyll content of leaves is obtained by converting the atLEAF+ values in SPAD and considering the relationship among chlorophyll content and SPAD units given by the following referenced authors (1)...(10).

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