The Future of Technology and where will it come from the North America, Middle East, Israel, China, Asia, India or Europe

One Thing is certain the Sir Names of patents for last 40 years are predominantly not from the USA. They are from Pakistan, India, Japan, China, Korea and Middle East. This video was made in 2006 and is 10 years old, and its only gotten worst. Its explains the advantages that just China has over the USA! The USA has only 3 million agriculture jobs and has lost 100 millions manufacturing jobs to foreign countries and now we can expect another 100 million if not more while we important millions from around the world! While our product become obsolete by new product that are transiting to 50,000 Picotechnology products and 50,000 Graphene Products. The USA remains dependent on old ineffective patented Organic Chemistry. What will the USA even make if has no patented technology. This country has missed the job creation future as our government and businesses have failed us with no vision of what was happening, and exported what technology we had. Tell us what the future holds without technology.

Active Element no Active Ingredient in the next 3 to 7 years, We predict will replace over 25,000 to 50,000 Patented Ingredient Based Products For Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial and Chemical Products, etc! 82% percent from foreign owned companies! Employment and Corporate consequences for the USA will be catastrophic! Has our leadership in the USA Failed us? Technology makes Unemployment! World Patent Landscape of 25000 Graphene Patents Filed by Countries, growing to 100,000 where is the USA!. You might have to click this link back out and click it again!

There could be hope as new technology is around the corner that can obsolete or impact graphene technology


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