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Asian Trials


1)- India, Andhra Pradesh, Leafy Vegetable Green Amaranth or Slender Amaranth

2)-  Zambia, Wheat Trials in increases Brix Levels by 80%

3)-  Australia, Wheat Stripe Rust Trial First Readings - Colin Steddy

4)-  Australia, Wheat Stripe Rust Trial 2nd Readings - Colin Steddy

5)-  Australia, Wheat Trials in Narenbeem - 2006

6)-  Australia, Nectarine Trial Western Austrlia, J A Franklin

7)-  Australia, Nectarine Trial Western Austrlia, Few months later, J A Franklin

8)-  Australia, Lettuce Adjuvant Seedling Trials

9)-  Australia, Macademia 100% to 269% Increase in Brix Levels

10)-  2005, USA, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Squash, Watermelon and Peppers!

11)-  2005, USA, Pythium, Gone in less than 10 days with plant nutrition, and crop harvested!

12)-  2005, China, Adjuvant Tests In Plant Protection Department in Shanxi Agriculture University

13)-  India, University of Madras, Professor of Plant Pathology, It's Just Amazingly Unique!

14)- Hong Kong, "Dracaena Marginata" in Hong Kong in October 2006."

15)-  Thailand, "Trials in Thailand."

16)-  India, "Trials in India."

17)-  USA, "Soft Scale Insects, Soft Green, Red, Torpedo, False Oleander and Euomymus Scales

18)-  USA, "Witch's Broom, Growth Irregularity In Plants!

19)-  USA, "Rose Pedals are grown to almost 4 inches!

20)-  USA, " Volutella Pachysandrae And The Wonder Juice!

21)-  2005, USA, " Bacteria Spot and Rust on Peaches!

22)-  Costa Rica, "Mycena Citricolor or Coffee Rust"

23)-  To Date Successful Fruit And Vegatable Field Trials"

24)-  Nutrient Foilar 27, Trees, Lawns, Roses, House Plants, Azaleas and all Garden Vegtables!"

25)-  Organic Plant Wash, No More Pesticdes For This Commercial Landscape Company"

26)-  Rice Field Trails in Andra Pradesh, India"

27)-  Asia, New Business Grew from 0 to over 5000 rice paddy farmers in just 6 months!"