Cold and Heat Barrier (CHBT) For Homes, Business and Industry!

How about we reduce our electric bills by 80% with 75 degrees year around creating a thermal barrier to keep the heat and cold in or out of our house. If we can retard a 4200 degree blow torch we can be non condutive for heat and cold. I would like to reduce the heating and cooling bills by 80%.

In other words I want to sell this product to home builders, floor companies, business, industry and home owners that want to reduce their electric bills. I have noticed that the temperature on my floors can be 20 to 30 degrees lower than the ceiling with I used my IR Thermometers during the winter. I have a crawl space under my home and I feel that if we use this product as a thermal barrier it will eliminate cold transfer into the house that I have to heat. This could be also used on anything and RV, Trailer Homes, Boats and many applications. I am also looking at using the product in the Caribbean or equator areas to keep heat out of homes. This product still evolving! The same material could be used to make a single layer fire protection suit for fireman and race car drivers and military with 40 caliber ballistic protection.

Demo 1 Cardboard, No Paint, No BR-15

Demo 2 Cardboard, and BR-15 From 1 to 5 minutes

Demo 3 BR-15 Added Time now 1 hour 29 mins still burning We believe if we had enough propane this
could last for at least 8 hours.

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