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Soysoap Is Physical Element Chemistry 93% Derived From C02. In the next 3 to 7 years, "Physical Element Chemistry" will replace over 25,000 Patented Ingredient Based Products From Agri-Chem, Phrama and Chemical Products, etc! 82% percent from foreign owned companies! Employment and Corporate consequences for the USA will be catastrophic! Technology makes Unemployment! 25000 Graphene Patents Filed.

Soysoap Biobased Covalent CO2, H20, And N Sequestration Separation Technology
NCSU said "You're Right H20, N And CO2 Being Fundamental, And NPKs Being Secondary."

It's time for some commonsense talk about crop production problems to all farmers and that is the lack of CO2 in the air causing CO2 plant starvation. This problem could be solved with the addition of carbon but the problem there is not enough CO2 to be found, And if you used a supplement those particles for the plants are to large enter the plants. That is where Soysoap-CO2 Biobased Covalent Technology can assist with our 600 picometer sized carbon from C02, and reverse the tied up soil remediation and nutrient availability problem. Before we even start thinking about the secondary NPK's, Micro-Elements etc we have to have enough fundamentals of CO2 and H2O to even grow the plants. H20, N And CO2 accounts for anywhere from 95% of the biomass of the plants, Fertilizers NPK's Secondaries and Micros 10% depending what expert you talk to. See the simple chart below and see just how little C02 is in the air. The solution therefore is a supplement Soysoap-CO2 Biobased Covalent Technology to solve this. NCSU validated my comments with "You're right about H20, N and CO2 being fundamental, and the NPKs being secondary."

This video was created by http://www.co2science.org, Thanks Craig Idso! It illustrates the benefit of Carbon within CO2! He did not use our product when he created this video! But we have seen the same when Soysoap was used!


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