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Soysoap Is Physical Element Chemistry 93% Derived From C02. In the next 3 to 7 years, "Physical Element Chemistry" will replace over 25,000 Patented Ingredient Based Products From Agri-Chem, Phrama and Chemical Products, etc! 82% percent from foreign owned companies! Employment and Corporate consequences for the USA will be catastrophic! Technology makes Unemployment! 25000 Graphene Patents Filed.

NCSU said "You're Right H20 And CO2 Being Fundamental, And NPKs Being Secondary."

It's time for some commonsense talk about crop production problems to all farmers and that is the lack of CO2 in the air. This problem can be solved with the addition of carbon but the problem is not that there cant be carbon found, The problem is what you can get is to large to enter the plants. That is where Pico Ag can assist with our concentrated picotechnology size carbon from C02. Before we even start thinking about NPK's, Micro-Elements etc we have to enough CO2 and H2O to even grow the plants. CO2 and H20 accounts for anywhere from 95% of the biomass of the plants, Fertilizers NPK's Secondaries and Micros less than 1/2 of 1%, Than Why? Lets do the math 150,000 plants per acre and 300 lbs fertilizer typically. 300 lbs is 4800 oz so divide the fertilizer by plant count 4800/150000 - .032%. Honestly do you believe you can grow corn, wheat and soybeans with a 1/3 of oz per plant. See the simple chart below and see just how little C02 is in the air. The solution therefore is a supplement and to solve this and we call it Soysoap which can double CO2 consumpution. Please dont get Carbon Monoxide CO confused with Carbon Dioxide CO2 it aint the same!


Albert Einstein Says!!!
Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school!
The only thing that interferes with your learning is my education!
The only source of knowledge is experience!
I fear the day that technology will surpass our human understandng. The world will have a generation of idiots!

BioBased Technology or Physical Chemistry is believe it or not is just 3 atom picometer size dirt or elements. Dirt can eliminate most every pesticide as its mode of action is electrical / mechanical and is 4000 times smaller than bacteria, fungi, virus's and 12,000,000 times smaller than small insects. Biobased has been proven to be effective at 16,000 to 1 and as high as 32,000 to 1 dilution. Dirt / Elements can be both an organic cation anion separator as well as a cation anion trans locator to feed plants and it can increase the brix levels in plants, which increase C02 consumption that gives life to plants. Its obsoletes the USDA NOP Organic program, its not toxic organic chemistry, its the multi-million year sustainable nutrient for plants, and there are no residuals to harm the environment, oceans, humans, animals, birds or living creatures. Its also the best technology for soil and water remediation mobilizing chelated immobilized tied up nutrients. The only reason we use organic chemistry in agriculture is not because its best for farmers, But Its because its best for patentable pesticide products whos consequences cuts brix levels, reduces plant health in plants in half which is great for the agrochemical sales as sick plants are attacked by pests. The entire toxic world we have inherited is because of the US GOV Patent office toxic synthetic active ingredient method to give companies 20 year product patent protection at the expense to environment and farmer and consumer health. Plants were never designed over millions of years to grow with nothing but Dirt / Elements not synthetic chemicals. I have always said there is no money in healthy people for phrama or healthy crops for agro-chem, so make them sick.