Soysoap 25B Chinese Cabbage / Pechay

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A group representing farmers with disabilities called last week to say that Soysoap 25B was the most effective crop booster for Chinese Cabbage. The new crop is consumed both by locals and the hotel industry. After lots of field trial, We can now safely say that the Chinese cabbage only needs two applications of Soysoap 1 . Saint Lucia pictures are coming soon! But in the meantime we have added some pictures of the Chinese Cabbage known as Pechay in China and Philippines below!

We did the same kinds of trails in Philippines and got these results. Here is some results I got from Philippines on Chinese Cabbage few year ago. Notice they say they got:
45% increase in profits
33% increase in yield
Return on Investment was 21.9 to 1.. Not bad huh..
22% reduction in unit cost.. thats great as well.
They used the product only twice at 320 to 1...

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