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Just Energy No Chemicals For a Green Home, 100% Non Toxic

10 Minute General School Cleaning!

3 Minute General School Cleaning!

2) School Glass-Cleaning, Cleaning-1-Hallways,Cleaning-1-Paint-on-Floors, Top-Coat-Wax-Stripping-And-Rewaxing eneral School Cleaning Videos 2, 3, 4

3) Restaurant Cleaning Floors (Slip/Fall Prevention),
Sinks and Drains (Sewers Cleaning), Hoods, Stove Tops, Pots and Pans, etc.

4) Floor-Care Construction Clean-Up, Red Dirt, Grease, Oil, Tire Marks

5) Low Bid Schools, Dr. Doris Rapp says = Enviromental Sick Schools, Teachers, Admin and Kids