Farming with dew droplets Aids Farmers with Drought Relief From Dew On Corn and all crops

The question that must come to your mind is why do we have the video below. Its simple you need to understand the properties of water and why it can be good or bad for a farmer especially during drought. Its important that you understand that plants get their water from the ground and not from leaves. So if you have dew in the morning you have to get it off the leaves so the sun doesnt evaporate it off the leaves into the air and escape benefit to the plants. That is were Soysoap comes in as we reduce the DRAVES (Surface Tension) of the water from about 75 to 30, and that makes the water wetter, therefore it can roll off the leaves, and into the ground where it becomes available for plants. Think about and I am sure you know about hydroponic farming. Do they spray the plants with water to feed them H2O? No, as that water comes from roots. Again, what Soysoap does (and you can see many examples below of (GOOD) treated dry leaves and (BAD) wet puddled leaves that are untreated. What you want is the dew to roll off the leaves and go into the ground to provide water to the plants to grow instead of die!

Drought Stressed Corn: Before I get into Dew Farming let me report what I have seen Corn rolling to preseve moisture in the corn. Once the corn rolls you can easily lose 50 bushels an acre. Well Soysoaped Corn doesnt seem to roll for about 3 weeks after the untreated Corn.