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Soysoap 25B specializes in Rare, Exotic and Horticlture Plants. Around the World.

African Tulip Tree Akee Tree Angel’s Trumpet Avocado Tree Azalea Banana Plant Banyan Tree Barbados Cherry Tree Begonia Bird of Paradise Plant Bismarck Palm Black Mangrove Tree Bleeding Heart Blue Daze Blue Plumbago Bougainvillea Bromeliad Bullhorn Acacia Tree Button Mangrove Tree Buttonwood Cabbage Palm Calabash Tree Candlenut Tree Carob Tree Ceylon Gooseberry Tree Chenille Chinaberry Tree Climbing Ylang Ylang Cluster Fig Tree Coconut Palm Common Fig Tree Crape Myrtle Tree Cycad Collection Dendrobium Orchid Double Fringed Hibiscus Dwarf Papyrus Dwarf Poinciana Ear Tree False Lavender Iboza Fire Wheel Tree Firebush Fishtail Palm Florida Apricot Tree Floss Silk Tree Foxtail Palm Frangipani Tree Fringed Hibiscus Gardenia Giant Bird of Paradise Glossy Privet Tree Golden Champaca Tree Golden Rain Tree Grand Crinum Lily Ground Orchid Hibiscus Hibiscus Tree Hoya Vine Wax Plant Inkberry Iodine Bush Ixora Java Glory Bower Java White Kassod Tree Kei Apple Tree King Palm King’s Mantle Lily of the Nile Lipstick Plant Annatto Lobster Claw Longan Tree Mahogany Tree Mamey Sapote Tree Mango Tree Milk & Wine Crinum Milk and Wine Crinum Miracle Fruit Tree Moreton Bay Chestnut Tree Moses-in-the-Cradle Night Blooming Cereus Ochrosia Tree Papyrus Peace Lily Pentas Peregrina Pigeonberry Pin Cushion Pink Powderpuff Tree Podocarpus Pond Apple Tree Porterweed Prosperity Rose Queen’s Crape Queen’s Wreath Vine Rata Tree Gamboge Red Ixora Red Mangrove Tree Red Pineapple Red Powderpuff Tree Rose Apple Tree Roses Antique Roxburgh Fig Tree Royal Palm Royal Poinciana Tree Rubber Vine Sacred Burmese Lily Sausage Tree Scarlet Spiral Flag Sweet Potato Vine Tabebuia Tree Tamarind Tree Tiger Grass Turf Grass Umbrella Plant Variegated Pineapple Walking Iris Wart Fern Waterlily Wedelia White African Iris White Frangipani Tree White Lantana White Mangrove Tree White Buttonwood White Plumbago Yellow Allamanda Yellow Flame Tree Copperpod Yellow Ixora Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Ylang Ylang

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