Florida Drought Corn 2009 growing 100+ Bu. Acre!

Soysoap Again saved another crop in Florida, A corn crop in heavy drought in 2009 Chipley, Florida in Hard Dirt, Like Pee Gravel Hard Dirt with No Water Growing 100 lbs Acre. We saw the same in Ohio 2010 and 2011 about where we had a 4 foot stalk, tassle and no ears, What we like to hear best from a farmer under these conditions and the UF Florida Ext. Agent is over and over again. This is just amazing, amazing and more amazings!!!

Jerry: get it?

UF Ext Agent: Yeah.

Jerry: You aint gonna pull the corn up.

UF Ext Agent: Pretty amazing

Jerry: This corn burnt slam to the ground. Look at that root, look at that.

UF Ext Agent: That's amazing yeah.

Jerry: You see that?

UF Ext Agent: Mm-hmm.

Jerry: It ain't just one stalk man, it's just a lot of stalks you know

UF Ext Agent: Yeah. It's amazing.

Jerry: You see this, this one here? Its just hard dirt, Pee gravel dirt and no water.

Jerry: We can just walk, because you've got a hunt em

UF Ext Agent: Look at to your right, yeah.

Jerry: Mm-hmm.

UF Ext Agent: And now all the way down the road…

Jerry: We on ground that should of burnt up

UF Ext Agent: All the way down the road.

Jerry: Mm-hmm.

Jimmy: So Jerry do you think that the soap had anything to do with these roots and the fact that you still have a yield on this corn?

UF Ext Agent: Yeah, yeah. Like it was dry land corn and yielding 100 bucks an acre…

Jerry: Planted April though planted April though 12th or the 14th

Jimmy: And do you think that how many times have you sprayed this?

Jerry: I just sprayed them one time with the Soysoap.

Jimmy: Just one time.

Jerry: One time with the Soysoap.

Male Speaker: One time for the stalk.

Jerry: One time for the stalk.

Male Speaker: And you had in there too?

Jerry: Atrazine and Roundup and

Jimmy: Soysoap Eight ounces to the acre?

Jerry: Eight ounces.

Jimmy: That's awesome.

Jerry: Soysoap Eight ounces to the acre.

Jimmy: Eight ounces to the acre.

Jerry: Yup.

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