Soysoap 2009 Chipley, Florida Georgia Green Peanuts. This is one happy farmer and he is joined by Clay Olsen Univ Florida Ext. Agent. He is seeing some things on his peanuts that just aren't usually for him. The Georgia Greens Peants are clean, green, great root system, great nodules and ready for great production when harvested.

Jerry: You got peanut there.

UF Ext Agent: They're filling out; you put gypsum on to these things?

Jerry: I put lime on it.

UF Ext Agent: Hy-Cal.

Jerry: Yeah we got lime.

UF Ext Agent: Is it Dolemite or Hy-Cal?

Jerry: Hy-Cal.

UF Ext Agent: Okay.

Jerry: So they are getting, see how mature they are, they're hard getting?

UF Ext Agent: Yeah that feels that's one there is ready now. Look at that one.

Jerry: That's a number three.

UF Ext Agent: That one's ready.

Jerry: You see look here that is ready right here look at that, that's a number three. That is a Georgia green.

UF Ext Agent: That's right.

Jerry: These are Georgia green now.

UF Ext Agent: Thats boiling kind.

Jerry: That's two on that one stalk.

UF Ext Agent: Yeah, that's the bowling kind isn't it?

Jerry: It doesn't get to hard for bowl to believe maybe too hard.

UF Ext Agent: Just boil them little longer.

Jerry: You don't see no disease on its roots.

UF Ext Agent: No Sir golly no sir that's some fine looking roots, I mean fine. You don't see roots like that very often, right there.

Jerry: That's just a little pod.

UF Ext Agent: So here's what I'm talking about the nodules.

Jerry: That's right.

UF Ext Agent: When you get a legume to nodule like that and yank it out of the dirt and still have look at that big old sucker on there, that's making nitrogen from the plant, that baby right there is what makes legumes go, these little lumps on the roots, that's what fixes nitrogen out of the air, that's what makes protein, nitrogen makes protein, makes the leaf - makes the plant itself grow and also makes the fruit set, the pod set much, much better.

Jerry: I'm going to have to be ready.

UF Ext Agent: Yes sir you're going to have some.

Jerry: I'm going to have to be ready.

UF Ext Agent: This is actually here indigo here this isn't a peanut but the same thing happens on peanuts, same color nodulation happens on peanuts, look at here all this right here same deal, same type of nodulation on the peanuts. Them little lumpy babies some of that might be nematode I don't know.

Jerry: No this ain't no nematodes.

UF Ext Agent: But that right there is nodulation.

Jerry: There ain't no nematode.

UF Ext Agent: And it be real unusual for Georgia Greens to have it, these roots looking this healthy and have nematodes in them.

Jerry: Do you see that?

UF Ext Agent: And see nematodes would hold back the production also and you got too good a production here.

Jerry: Yeah that's three, has three of off this one little pool, that's very unusual, I've come up to threes in it.

UF Ext Agent: The three nuts in the pod yes.

Jerry: Yes that's very unusual for Georgia greens to find three of off one…

UF Ext Agent: This is a runner type?

Jerry: It's just a Georgia green.

Jimmy: Were these peanuts with any Soysoap?

Jerry: They got sprayed twice.

UF Ext Agent: Sprayed twice.

Jerry: Soysoap four ounces one time and Soysoap eight ounces again and no nothing I went over one time with Bravo.

UF Ext Agent: For Leaf Spot.

Jerry: Yeah that was about 10 days ago, there was already 100 days old when I sprayed.

UF Ext Agent: Normally you'd spraying a lot earlier than that.

Jerry: Yeah.

UF Ext Agent: You'd be spraying a month earlier before.

Jerry: No more than that.

UF Ext Agent: Yeah that's right.

Jerry: In 30 days.

UF Ext Agent: Some fine looking peanuts in double rows.

Jerry: Yeah.

UF Ext Agent: Yeah look at all that…

Jerry: I won't talk about, you get both of them two rows together.

UF Ext Agent: Yeah.

Jerry: And get to walking them back.

UF Ext Agent: And so you can see how they are right there, there is the two rows together right there.

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