Soysoap 2009 Chipley, Florida Georgia 06s Peanuts. This is one happy farmer and he is joined by Salesman Jimmy. He is seeing some things on his peanuts that just aren't usually for him. The Georgia 06s Peanuts are clean, green, great root system, great nodules and ready for great production when harvested.

Jerry: You can get close, Iím talking about closer.

Jimmy: Yeah I can get closer as you want.

Jerry: Letís get a close shot of it; you donít see no leaves spot in. See just a little bit of burn off of them where you spray that chemical.

Jimmy: Yeah.

Jerry: You donít see no leaves spot on. They look good; they allow new growth on them.

Jimmy: Now what do you got in these Jerry?

Jerry: Then I got the, I got the Cadre and 2-4 DB and the Soysoap on them.

Jimmy: These Georgia Greens?

Jerry: I see this here is a Florida 06s sixes, Georgia 06s sixes.

Jimmy: Nice, they are coming on good. Have you backed off on your fungicide because you started using the Soysoap?

Jerry: Havenít sprayed them yet.

Jimmy: You havenít had to?

Jerry: No.

Jimmy: How old is this crop, 30 days?

Jerry: 35 days.

Jimmy: And most farmers will spray fungicide by now.

Jerry: Oh yeah, yeah.

Jimmy: So you think the Soysoap is managing the plant better, making it healthier so you donít need the fungicide?

Jerry: Thatís right, thatís right. Iím going to come back again probably another week and Iím going to spray them again with that Soysoap maybe, maybe again probably about 50 days.

Jimmy: Now you used the Soysoap last year, what did you think of it?

Jerry: Oh I thought it done good; I thought it done real well.

Jimmy: Yeah, good.

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