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Nutrient Carrier-Fertilizer Soysoap Permit

5 Corn Ears Per Plant

Soysoap Garden Fertilizer is a blend of Sechura RPR, Humic Acid, Seaweed, Vermicast, Paramagnetic Basalt Rock Dust and Soysoap a nutrient carrier. This has been composted and inoculated with beneficial soil bacteria and fungi.

Mineral Analysis Calcium (Ca) 20%, carbon (C) 15%, nitrogen (N) 1%, phosphorus (P) 5%, potassium (K) 3%, magnesium (Mg) 3%, sulphur (S) 4% plus Trace Minerals.

" Contains 70 essential plant minerals, vitamins and natural growth hormones.
" Beneficial microbes include Azotobacter spp, Trichoderma spp, B.subtilis and Soysoap a Nutrient Carrier. These help fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, solubilise frozen reserves of phosphate, scavenge for Ca and water as well as being root growth stimulators.

Application Rates
1-2 handfuls per square metre of garden or per tree/bush every 2-6 months.
Note: when using with and Soysoap a Nutrient Carrier.use recommended fertiliser rates

General Comments
" Each 80 ml per Soysoap Garden Fertiliser
" Soysoap Fertiliser will help to improve soil structure.
" Increases the activity of beneficial soil organisms.
" Soysoap builds organic carbon levels
" Improves biological balance with all the associated benefits
" Improves yield and crop quality and Soysoap a Nutrient Carrier..

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