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North Carolina farmer, standing in one of his oats fields, said, "I've been growing oats about all my life and I've never had them get this tall and this big and look this good and not fall down. They're standing well this time and we've had a whole lot of wind. I've never had oats this tall until I used Pico Ag Soysoap on them. They're hanging full of ready-to-cut oats. We're going to harvest some in a day or so here and see what they do."

After he harvested his oats, FD said, "Normally I get probably 70 to 80 bushels per acre. This year, they are running over 100 bushels. One field made 133 bushels. And, my gosh, the test weight was 38.8." He continued, "They're some of the best oats I've ever cut. I've cut oats all my life and what's amazing is that they're making these high yields and they're standing up. In the past the oats would be down and I would have to get under them and I'd lose so many. But these are still standing and they've got the thickest stalks that I've ever seen on oats. I've never seen straws that look like this. "This field has about 16 acres in it. I've got a 9600 John Deere combine with a bin extension on it, and I was expecting to get all the way around the field. I didn't even get around the 16 acres before the whistle blew and told me it was full. I had to get the truck to come and empty it. I've never had that kind of yield before. "We didn't spray the oats with anything except Pico Ag Soysoap this year. We only put fertilizer and nitrogen on. Normally we have aphids on oats and we have to spray for them. This year, we did not spray with pesticides at all and we didn't have any bugs.

100% production increase, 38 test weight in Oats production. Combining Two Fields at 111 and 133 bu. provided a 125 Average Bu. Per Acre, Its best to let the video do the showing!

100% production increase, 38 test weight in Oats production. The farmer said He had not seen yellow Oats like this in 50 years.They are usually dark. At Harvest the farmer grew a record crop of 133 bushels and acre with a test weight of 38.8.

Plant Inspections of Winter Oats, Two Seeds - 18 Oat Stalks Double Crop

100% production increase, 38 test weight in Oats Production. Dr. Hesser Interviews Freddie And His 133 bushels Oat Crop which had a 38.8 test weight. These Heavy nutritious Oats were gobbled up by the local horse owners for animal feed.!

100% production increase, 38 test weight Spring Oats production same as Fall Oats: Farmer forgets to plant his Fall Oats so he planted them in the spring and got the same yield - 120 bu acre!

Freddie Doub & Dr. Hesser interview on some great yellow oats that were wind resist that harvested at 133 bushels

100% production increase, 38 test weight OATS: Grown NC, TX and GA - Up To 135 bu. acre

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