1st Customer wants Soysoap to increase the protein content by 11%, No Fungicides! We got 11% protein and 10% or more increase in production.

I have contacted companies that sell peanut products to get there opinions on the following:

Would they be interested in purchasing peanuts that have less pesticide residue on them?

Would they be willing to pay a premium for those peanuts because they have considerable decrease in pesticide residue?

If i get positive response and i am able to find out exactly what pesticides families they would like to see deleted from a peanut growing program then i would continue testing on the peanuts to get more data and then approach the peanut buyers and the peanut butter manufacturers about this.

If this would succeed, and there willing to pay a premium for those peanuts than this would be a incentive for farmers to buy your product and apply to there fields.

When looking at the lab report: Untreated - regular treatment program by farmer
Tradiional Pesticide 4oz. treatment 1 to 4 oz. band applied when peanuts were 3" wide
No Fungicide, Soysoap replaced 5 sprayed of fungicide program with 5 application of soap at 5oz. saved $17.38 per acre

Conclusion: By using the Soysoap program you can save money while protecting you and the environment form the harmful pesticides.

We Got the 11% increase in protein using Soysoap on Peanuts

Soysoap Increases Peanut Yields 500 lbs Eastern NC

Subject: Peanut Report

Here's the numbers, Non-treated yield avg. -4969.47 lbs acre, Treated yield with two applications of 5 oz. avg. - 5267.64 lbs acre that is a 6 % yield increase.

In 2009 Using a $480 / ton price which it is a little closer to $500 / ton for Virginia type peanuts that is a gross return of an additional $71.55 an acre minus soap cost at $6.20 an acre your net return is an additional $59.15 an acre. That is an additional $5915 for every 100 acres of peanuts grown. $59,150 on 1000 acres!

This is my findings any questions feel free to ask. I am testing it again on peanuts Don on a larger scale i think by taking what i learned last year and applying some new concepts I will achieve over a 10% yield Increase with the soap.

It's just taking these farmers more time to figure out the benefits.

Farmer has develops a verity of Peanut for 10,000 lbs per acre