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Soysoap / Agro-Boost Saint Lucia, Caribbean Farmer seeing flowering starting 2 weeks early on his peppers!

December 2015, We got a call from a farmer last week saying he was seeing something he had never seen before. With so much excitement in his voice, we ask him to explain what was happening. He then went on to explain that his three weeks old peppers had started to send flowers after just one application of AGRO-BOOST. In the past, farmers had to wait for about 5 weeks to see first signs of flowers. With AGRO-BOOST farmers now have a quicker turn around on their farms. This means more time Selling and less time farming. January 2016 Just 8th Week From Seed "The Harvest" 3/4 Pound Peppers

Our comments are 2 weeks earlier and greener plants. We expect this farmer will see several of the 320 farmers within the co-op and getting more production, better livelihood and consistent supplier to the resorts on the Island.


January 2016 Same Farmer as above. Just one week after the last time i visited the co-op. Peppers only four weeks old. It's important to note here that Bell peppers are one of the most profitable crops for farmers in St Lucia.

January 2016 So it's now six weeks. And the bell peppers are thriving. As expected, the plants are growing faster and producing more fruits per plant. At present green Bell peppers are selling at $5 per pound. The farmers at Belle-view co-operative are now farming with fewer toxic chemicals and less synthetic fertilizers. WE CAN GROW CROPS (faster) WITH LESS NO CHEMICALS

January 2016 Just 8th Week From Seed "The Harvest" 3/4 Pound Peppers


Here Are Some Super Happy And Getting Rich Farmers Growing Peppers

Bell Peppers in Saint Lucia!
The production were trials conducted on about 400 acres. Only Soysoap was used for the entire life of the crop. There was 300% increase in production! The peppers were sprayed at seed wash, every 14 days, after rain or dew, and at tranplant.

7 Weeks Old in Saint Lucia these immature Bell Peppers still have 3 weeks to harvest!

Welcome to the World of Red and Yellow Peppers!

Untreated Left Below ------ Soysoap Bigger Below!

Bell Peppers grown in 5 weeks with Soysoap. The report was "This is what Soysoap Can do. 5 weeks old plants and the farmers at the Black Bay Farmers Co-op are seeing fruits.

Bell Peppers From Belle-View Co-op. Update, After harvesting eight times
from their greenhouse, The co-op is still getting consistent size and quality.

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6-12-2015: Peppers: Black Bay Farmers Co-op President along with a farmer inspecting Soysoap young bell pepper plants. But look at these plants

The president of Black Bay Co-op along with a farmer inspecting young bell pepper plants. But look at these plants


Manager of the Belle Vue Farmers' Cooperative is commenting about his King Arthur peppers vegetable crop.


Sales: Okay, we are here with Mr. Felix, President of the Belle Vue Farmers' Cooperative, That's right, uh?
Felix: Manager.
Sales: Manager of the Belle Vue Farmers' Cooperative. Okay, so we are here we've some pepper plants and what variety is that now?
Felix: That's the King Arthur.
Sales: King Arthur, okay. And so tell me Mr. Felix, what has been your experience with Soysoap?
Felix: I have been doing peppers for some time and that, you know, few times on a stretch. But with that of the Soysoap, we're seeing a big - a huge difference. The plants are growing quicker, they are looking greener, the leaves are broader.
Sales: Okay.
Felix: So we have seen a huge difference, although it is just- I think we have just applied about twice.
Sales: Okay.
Felix: But we've seen a big, big, big difference in terms of the growth rate and the vitality of the plant and you know, how great it looks and everybody seems to be making the same comment.
Sales: Okay.
Felix: That it's a big difference in terms of how quick the plant is growing.
Sales: Right. I also see, you also commenting that there were actually some small fruits in there already, right?
Felix: Yeah, yeah, in fact it's 22 days and we're already seeing small fruits. We've never seen small fruits so early in the growth of the plant.
Sales: Wow! So you are saying this is actually the first time you guys have seen fruits so earlier, right?
Felix: So early, yeah, that's the first time here.
Sales: Okay, okay, that is good.
Felix: Definitely the Soysoap makes a huge difference in terms of the growth of the plant and how well the crop is growing. We are well - basically well satisfied with the -
Sales: And also in terms of the reduction of fertilizer, you guys in terms of your other chemical input, have there been some reduction?
Felix: Yeah, a big reduction because from what we have seen, it doesn't look like we have to apply much fertilizer because you know the growth is there already and you apply fertilizer to give you growth.
Sales: Yeah, yeah.
Felix: If you're already seeing the growth, then you know you can look at the plant and see how good it looks so, you know, definitely we will not apply as much fertilizer I think we would normally do.
Sales: And I mean, we were asking you, I still have to ask because we are doing a video. But this is a product that you will definitely recommend to your farmers?
Felix: Definitely, in fact the first batch has been sold out. We - the farmers are buying a lot of it. So I mean it looks to me like everybody who have used it is satisfied with the performance and so we expect it to be a product that will be even more widely used as more farmers get to know about it, because this is a product that everybody who has used it is satisfied with the performance that he is asking from it.
Sales: Thank you so very much sir. I appreciate it.

Habaneros Peppers grown in Saint Lucia with Soysoap

Seasoning Peppers - The Hot Peppers From Saint Lucia

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