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India, Soysoap Rice Trials in India.

Around November, 2006 we got this report message!

We are very happy to see that your product has indeed worked on paddy fields. We had a kind of brownish colour on half of the rice plant, and the other half being green. When we have sprayed your product upon dilution ratio of 1:500. After two days of time, we have observed the attainment of green colour on rice plants, and the farmers are very happy with this. The plants were sent to the laboratory to analyze the kind of disease, and we shall inform you about it. Here the plant was already nearing its life time.

Any how, the right season is to start from early January, we shall do the complete testing procedure, and get back to you with the results regarding the improvement in yield, life span of the plants etc.,

Figure 1 Shows plenty of Blast, Notice the Brown and Yellowing!

Around December 4, 2006 we got this report message!

As I was telling you about our trials on rice. The photographs were attached for your reference. The Figure 1 is before applying the solution, and Figure 2, just a few days later was after applying the solution.

Farmers in this region are very delighted to see a sea of change in their crops. As the right season for rice crop is going to start very shortly, we are expecting a very good response from the farmers.

Figure 1 Shows plenty of Blast, Notice the Yellowing!!

Figure 2 Shows No Blast, Yellow is no Green!