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Soysoap Wheat Trails In Zambia Increases Brix Levels by 80% in 1 day

Nature and Purpose of the Test

To determine if Adjuvant sprayed on wheat fields in Zambia could increase the brix/sugar levels of the plants, as the sugar molecule produced in the plant is the foundational building block for everything growing above ground level.


The wheat field was being grown under center pivot irrigation and was sprayed with Adjuvant at the rate of 1 liter - 250 liters of water. This resulted in an increase in plant brix/sugar levels from 5 to 9 brix over 4 days.

Adjuvant : The area covered measured 10 x 6 meters and the growth stage was 3 weeks prior to flowering, several brix readings were taken at 2 PM, all of which recorded 9 brix.

HUMIC/UREA: Urea and Humic Acid were used at the following rates: 20kg urea and 1 liter humic acid added to a 1-500 Adjuvant dilution, brix levels were confirm at only 7 brix after repeated readings.

CONTROL: The control was the surrounding area not sprayed and several readings were taken, also at approx 2 PM and all measured 5 brix.


Adjuvant was able to raise the brix level of wheat from 5 to 9 brix compared to the control, an increase of some 80% at about 33% less cost. The mixture of Adjuvant and urea plus humic acid failed to match the result of Adjuvant sprayed on its own.

These tests were conducted by one who has over 40 years of commercial farming experience. He is a certified SFI (Soil Foodweb Institute) Advisor and internationally recognized authority in agricultural sciences. He lives in Queensland, Australia.