University of Florida, Paul Miller, USA, Soysoap 100" Xanthomonas Bacteria Spot and Rust on Peaches!"

Subject: Peaches and Bacteria Spot and Rust

Last year you sent us 6 gal of product to test on peach for summer leaf diseases. Two organisms, Xanthomonas bacterial spot and rust, are responsible for premature defoliation of peaches in Florida. In and observational trial the Soysoap S-100 product was Compared with a spray of 23 g of Cuperfix, 16 oz of the surfactant Preference and 200 ml of Take Down (Phosphoric acid to adjust pH to 5.8) in 200 gallon of water.

These materials were used for control of Xanthomonas bacterial spot. Cabrio along with Preference and Take Down, alternated with Bravo Weather Stick and Take Down were the products used to control rust. Trees were sprayed using 500 GPA in a John Bean (FMC) sprayer at 500 psi. They were sprayed with a hand-gun to drip and coverage was as good as possible, although the spray could not totally penetrate the interior canopy. Spray times for Xanthomonas bacterial spot started in early June after summer pruning and continued every 3 weeks ending in October. Sprays for rust were determined by observation and generally occurred every 4 weeks. Every time these sprays were applied we also made an Soysoap spray at a 1/4 oz rate gallon with a pH adjustment as described earlier.

In spite of the two hurricanes all trees in the trial held their leaves until December at which time they were defoliated with zinc sulfate. In observation only the Soysoap product seemed to be as effective as the others. We are continuing this same study this year on an observational trial as the planting is being for a yield and quality study. However this study will be over. I would like to due a replicated trial with these products and measure leaf retention, fruit quality and yields. I would like to compare the Soysoap product against the others.

Would you please replenish our supply of product as I used the last I had today? Would you send us just one product and that would be the one best suited for what we are doing? Thanks. Paul.

Paul Miller
University of Florida
1143 Fifield Hall
Dept. of Horticultural Sciences
Gainesville FL 32611

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