Panama, Soysoap-100 "Mycena Citricolor or Coffee Rust"

Farmer says, I have had some unbelievable trial results, and I wanted to consult with you on the plant tonic usage. I am using just 120ML per 416 liters? This turns out to 1 part product to 3520 parts water. I had a fungus called Mycena Citricolor or Coffee Rust on my 400 hectares coffee plantations. Your product clears the infestation and allowed the plant to produce more yield. The tonic just dries out the spot where the fungus was in one spraying, It's gone and doesnt return!

Mycena citricolor is a tropical basidiomycte, which has become an economically lost to coffee plantations. The fungus produces beautiful delicate yellow mushrooms, which fruit directly from leaves and agar Perti-dish cultures.

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