Soysoap Organic Plant Wash, No More Pesticdes For This Commercial Landscape Company

Tru Lawn Incorporated

Brevard Country, FL

Dear Sir:

I just wanted to thank you again for introducing me to your Non-Toxic Totally Green Organic Plant Wash product made 100% of food additives. As you know, I have a commercial landscape company called True Lawn Inc. in Brevard County Florida. We take over a lot of property contracts that have been neglected by other companies. Usually the first thing we do is replace ornamental plants and palms, sometimes large hardwood trees, and even citrus trees in some cases. As you know this can be very costly to our customers, and is usually regarded as a real pain in the landscape industry.

When you first introduced me to plant wash, I thought it was too good to be true, especially when you told me how much money and time I would be saving. Desperate for an alternative to replacing plants and constantly battling fungus, whitefly, scale, aphids, and a slew of other unwanted hosts, I decided to give it a try. We started by mixing your plant wash solution 500 to 1 in our portable 50-gal sprayer. We had just taken over a property called Grand Oaks in W. Melbourne, FL. The property had 50+ Sago palms with scale (completely covered). Among the other species of plants was Dwarf Ixora, Maui Ixora, Dwarf Yopan Holley, Carissa Holley, Hibiscus, Wax & Crepe Myrtle, Maple, Oak, Lariope fountain grass, Day Lillies, Petunia annuals, Lugustrum, Purple fountain grass, several Jasmine beds and a few other species. Almost all of the plants I mentioned had either scale, aphids, whitefly, or spider mites. I don't recall anything on this 75-acre property with a bloom of any kind. We were facing a major overhaul with some major problems and expenses.

I explained to the regional landscape director from Atlanta that I might be able to save a large quantity of plants on the property by washing them. Well, I think he thought I was crazy, as he proceeded to tell me about his horticultural degrees and his extensive 22-year background in the landscaping industry. However he was facing a 20,000 to 25,000 plant replacement. I was given the authorization to go ahead and spray all I want.

One year later I still have the contract and we have not replaced one plant on the property. In fact your plant wash worked so well we have absolutely zero (0) problems with the aforementioned unwanted plant hosts. The plants have shown a remarkable turn around and the blooming plants are full of fantastic blooms. The growth rate of these plants has noticeably increased, and the foliage is clean and dark green. We continue to maintenace spray every other month only at a rate of now 1000 to 1 from a 50-gallon truck mounted sprayer about once per month. Once we were confident in your plant wash we started taking it to our other properties with host problems. The results were the same.fantastic!. I no longer buy overpriced pesticide products I cannot even pronounce. I no longer have problems with EPA as I am using a totally organic product that could not only produce dramatic effects with plants, but would probably make a super safe mouthwash.

Thank you so much for being persistent. You have saved my company a ton of money and time. I am telling everybody I know about your product. It truly is the cutting edge of technology in my field and finally a totally safe product.


True Lawn Inc.

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