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Soysoap Wheat Trails in Narenbeem,Australia






Six hectares of wheat fields was sprayed with Adjuvant 1-500 at the rate of 1 litre to 500 litres of water. The trial calls for 6 replicates of each treatment, so a total of 36 hectares is involved.


Adjuvant 1-500 was compared to other foliar sprays, including 1.5 litres of K.SiOff, a potassium silicate solution, and 3 foliar spray combinations, at 12.66 litres per ha, which made up the Full/House application. Four days later, at midday, brix readings showed the following results:


Adjuvant - 9 Brix Control 6 Brix Full/House -7 Brix K.SiOff - 6 Brix


Adjuvant - 6 Brix Control 5 Brix Full/House -7 Brix K.SiOff - 7 Brix


Adjuvant - 8 Brix Control 7 Brix Full/House -7 Brix K.SiOff - 6 Brix


Observations :


Adjuvant 1-500 recorded the 2 highest readings and averaged .6 Brix higher than the Full/House which was applied at the rate of 12.66 litres per hectare at a cost of $44.20 compared with Wheat the Adjuvant cost of $7.50 per hectare.


This was the first reading taken on the trial, which is monitoring Brix levels, disease suppression, insect pressure, yield and grain quality including protein levels. GPS yield mapping at harvest time, as well as weigh bin trailers, will accurately measure grain yields. Results will be finalized by the end of 2006.


These tests are being conducted by a certified SFI (Soil Foodweb Institute) Advisor and internationally recognized authority in agricultural sciences. He has over 40 years of commercial farming experience.