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Soysoap SR-101 Spray Tank Cleaner

Soysoap SR-101 Tank Cleaner for 2013: This product is over 10 years old! We will present a series of videos, testimonials and a report on spray tank cleaning. We will connect you with the latest university studies on tank cleaners to support our claims. Ammonia, Surfactants and old fashion tank cleaners might not be enough. The old chemical solutions just dont seem to be capable, and they also leave chemical residuals on your ground. Honestly we have never found a clean agriculture spray rig. What that might mean for you is could be you getting the wrong chemicals on your crops and lost production. Maybe that is why we are called up to rescue crops like soybeans, peanuts, cotton and corn, etc. from chemical damage. When these farmers are faced with an insurance claim they call for our "Soysoap Rescue". We have never lost a crop to chemical damage and the spray companies we work with haven't had to buy a crop for a dirty rig! We believe if you try our product you will most likely find color coming out of your rig, Thats not good its a chemical surprise! You will find clogged filers, nozzles, lines from existing chemicals. Here are a few testimonials and we shall add more from farmers who could not believe what they saw. What we believe is a farmers crop production may be lost annually. Lost production means lost money!

We are here to challenge any tank cleaner as there methods are chemicals and we use Agro physics or an electro-mechanical method with a picotechnology (obsoletes Nanotechnology & Graphene) particle size of 1 nanometer that simple gets into cracks and places chemicals can get. Finally our product is only made of FDA approved food additives and has been approved by the Florida Dept of Environment Protection for Soil and Ground Water Remediation!


Spray Rig Cleaning Testimonals, Where did all this color come from!
Spray Rig Cleaning Testimonals, Where did all this color come from again!

Here are the University Experts and what they say about Tank Cleaning!


TESTIMONALS Richard, He read the clean out instructions on our label, but thought that since his sprayer was so new and looked so clean inside he didn't do the pre-wash routine. Richards story: "The first batch went out fine or so he thought. On the the second load, the nozzles began losing pressure -- the filters were getting partially clogged. I had to beat a rain, so I just slowed down and kept going. I finished about 15 minutes before it started raining. I found the main filter about half clogged and the five individual filters on the boom lines about a third full of residue.
This Soysoap SR-101 stuff is a tank cleaner, all right."

Spray Rig Cleaning

If your entire Spray Rig is not clean you can have Chemical Crop Damage or Some Lost Crop Yield. If you contract your spraying and see leaf or plant damage its most likely your contractor did not clean out properly his spray rig. If you don't have a clean rig you can put down the wrong chemicals on your crops. This can kill your crops if not drastically reduce your crop health and yields. Its been reported to us that since major spray companies have started to use this product they have never had to buy a field from chemical damage.

Pico Ag has developed a Nanosoap that has the smallest particle size in the world at 1/2 of 1 nanometer or 6 Picotechnologys. Simply put 6 Picotechnologys is like comparing your pinky finger to the size of the earth. What that means is this molecule size soap can get into places that surfactants, ammonia and existing tank cleaners cant, so you can get crop damage simply put. This product can thoroughly clean years of accumulated chemicals out of your spray tank, caked chemicals in your pumps, filters, nozzles, and lines. This video is worth watching and listen to the farmer described the product. Farmer dumbfounded and says where did all this color come from, it was years of accumulated chemicals caked in the pumps. Also a side note our Soysoap 2 product has recovered several chemicals damaged field and reversed the damage to give the farmer all time high yields on cotton, soybeans, tomatoes, tobacco and more. One thing we constantly hear from our farmers is this is the most unbelievable spray rig cleaner they have ever used. We have a link to several university. that state some of the problems with dirty spray rigs.

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