Plant Bio-Technology, Benefits to Farmers!

Product Names: Adjuvant Family of Products

3. No warnings signs posted to protect customers or workers when spraying or applying Adjuvant .

4. No concerns of toxic chemical sprays drifting into neighborhoods or runoff into water supply when using Adjuvant .

6. No protected storage area or special handling of dangerous chemicals required.

7. No special handling or equipment required compared with toxic chemicals.

8. No threat or concern over fees and fines levied by from EPA and OSHA guidelines.

9. No threats of violating "toxic chemical label laws" for applying more or the wrong pesticide than direct by poisonous product instructions.

11. No more hazardous waste disposal requirements to follow.

12. No workmen's compensation claims or lawsuits from customers or workers claiming insecticide exposure.

13. No workers compensation fees charged to your business category after receiving a waiver for reducing or eliminating pesticides and toxic cleaners.

14. No more liability for pollution mitigated for land sales---no cleanup of pesticides.

16. No additional labor or costs required for associated spraying and handling.

18. Self-cleans equipment applicators and reduces equipment maintenance costs.

19. Reduces pesticide and chemical costs by up to 75%.

21. Increases product yields from 15% to 300%. Product appears to strengthen plant, which provides stronger blooms.

22. Has increased plant growth by 20% to 400% over a 3-month period of time for starter plants. Persimmons have shown a growth rate of 4:1 over normal plants.

23. Botanical cleaner has saved $3,000 to $5,000 annually by reducing discarded plants on a small 10-acre nursery.

24. Nontoxic product can be recommended and sold to customers and other growers.

25. Provides an increased peace of mind about crop success and nonpoisonous operations at reduced costs.

26. Faster crop production more turnover of crops in fields and greenhouses. We are looking at 15% increase in greenhouses and possibly a 100% increase in annual field production by growing a 3rd crop per annum.

27. Faster crops means less borrowing costs on crop loans.

28. One can alternate, rotate or mix Adjuvant with chemicals to lower costs and reduce environmental pollution and worker safety.

29. Farmer workers can use the product for washing hands, cleaning tools therefore not spreading diseases from plant to plant or tree to tree.

30. 120 day Rice Crops grown in 90 days with 33% yield increase, 120 Day Onion Crop grown in 100 days with 20% more production.

31. Quality of grains and nutrients of crops grown increased by using Adjuvant .

32. Plum (Sun kiss, variety) Harvest rejection rate was decreased using Adjuvant from 65% to only 35%. The quality of fruit and skin now meet the shipping standards.

33. Product is made from 100% US GOV Food and Drug Administration (FDA) EAFUS food additives. The product is defined as food by FDA.

34. Adjuvant improves the plants electro mechanical function.

35. Increases plant Brix/Sugar levels.

36. Can be used to supply nutrients to seeds which encourage germination and vigorous growth.

37. Plants sprayed with Adjuvant reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by up to 33% by increasing plant sugar levels in the photosynthesis process.

38. Potential benefits to claim carbon credits will help reduce price of Adjuvant in the future.

39. Nontoxic, Non-Hazardous,Cost Effective, and Humanly Safe!

2009 Row Crop additions Reported

40. Must clean sprayer with 20 gallons and 12oz of product.

41. 8oz soap with 22 to 32oz Glyphosate during burn down

42. Application at 2 leaf stage, For Best Use!

43. Clean soils, Loosen soils

44. Clean seeds

45. Better germination

47. Fertilizer gathering deeper roots deeper residual layers

49. Less weeds resistent to Glyphosate

50. Can Mix with Glyphosate reduces or eliminate drag

51. Drag and draught equals replanting

52. More tillers and nodules

53. Faster closure of rows, less weeds

54. Better stanability

55. Less replanting

56. More draught resistance.

57. Reduces lodging, much easier to combine.

58. More straw

59. More wind resistant larger stalks and deeper roots

61. Reported frost resistance

62. Reported 15 to 25 more bushels wheat, oats, corn, soybeans, tobacco.

63. Reported 2 to 6.5 lbs more test weight

64. Reported 21 less growing days to full maturity

65. More protein

66. Wax coated grains

67. Soysoap can provide 3 to 4 days earlier kill when mixed 2-4D or Glyphosate herbicides

Note 1:These product has different names and benefits depending on country registrations and claims applications!

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