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Major Crops

Alfalfa Alfalfa Seed Almonds Apples Apples (sugar) Arrugula Artichokes, Artichokes Arugula Asparagus Avocados Azalea (Nursery-Grown) Bananas Bananas (American Pacific) Barley Basil Beans Beans (Dry) Beans (Green), Beans (Lima) Beans (Snap) Bedding Plants Beet Seed (Table Beet) Beets Blackberries Blueberries Blueberries (Highbush) Blueberries (Wild) Bok Choy Brambles Broccoli Broccoli (Raab) Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Cabbage (Chinese) Cabbage (Napa) Cabbage (Seed) Cactus Pear Caneberries Canola Cantaloupes Carambola Carrots Cauliflower Celery Cereal Grains Cherries Cherries (Sweet) Cherries (Tart) Chickpea (Garbanzo Bean) Chinese Broccoli Chinese Mustard Christmas Trees Christmas Trees (Mountains) Christmas Trees (Piedmont and Coastal Plain) Chrysanthemums Cilantro Citrus Citrus (Major) Citrus (Major) Coffee Collards Corn Corn (Field) Corn (Pop) Corn (Sweet) Cotton Cotton (Gin By-Products) Cranberries Cucumbers Cucumbers (Fresh Market) Cucumbers (Pickling) Cucumbers (Processing) Cucurbits Currants Currants (Red) Dates Dill Eggplant Eggplants Endive Escarole Fennel Figs Flaxseed Fuchsia Garlic Geraniums Geraniums-Ivy Ginseng Gooseberries Grains(Small) Grapes Grapes Grapes (Juice) Grapes (Labrusca) Grapes (Raisin) Grapes (Table) Grapes (Vinefera and French Hybrid) Grapes (Wine) Greenhouse Crops Greens (Leafy) Guava and Wax Jambu Hay Hay and Pasture Hazelnuts Herbs Honey Bees Honeydew Melons Hops Horseradish Impatiens Impatiens (New Guinea) Kale Kiwi Kohlrabi Leafy Brassicas Leafy Greens Legumes Lentils Lettuce Lettuce (Iceberg) Lettuce (Leaf) Lilies Lychee and Longan Macadamia Nuts Mamey Sapote and Sapodilla Mango Melons Mint Mixed Vegetables Mushrooms Muskmelons Mustard Nectarines Nursery (Containerized) Oats Okra Olives Onions Onions (Green) Ornamentals Parsley Pasture/Rangeland Peaches Peanuts Pears Peas Peas (Dry) Peas (Green) Pecans Pecans Pepper (Sweet) Peppers Peppers (Bell) Peppers (Chile) Peppers (Green) Perennial Forage Persimmons Petunias Pineapples Pistachios Plantains Plums Plums and Prunes Poinsettias Potatoes Potatoes (Irish) Proso Millet Prunes Prunes Pumpkins Radicchio Radishes Rapini Raspberries Raspberries (Red) Rhododendron (Nursery-Grown) Rice Rice (Wild) Rosemary Ryegrass Safflower Sage Sesame Sod Sorghum Sorghum (Seed) Soybeans Spinach Spinach Seed Squash Squash (Summer) Strawberries Sugar Beets Sugarcane Sunflowers Sweetpotatoes Swiss chard Taro Tart Cherry Thyme Tobacco Tomatoes Tomatoes (Fresh Market) Tomatoes (Processing) Tomatoes (Processing) Trees Turfgrass Walnuts Watermelons Wheat Wheat (Spring) Wheat (Stored) Wheat (winter) Wild Rice Winter Wheat

Rare Fruit Crops

Allspice, Ambarella, Anise, Apples, Atemoya, Avocado, Barbados Cherry, Bayleaf, Bayrum, Black Sapote, Cacao, Cherry of Rio Grande, Caimito, Canistel, Carambola, Cashew, Cinnamon, Custard Apple, Fig, Grapes, Grumichama, Guava, Ilamam Jaboticaba, Jack Fruit, Jujube, Longan, Loquat, Lychee, Macadamia Nut, Malabar Chesnut, Malay Apple, Mamey Sapote, Mango, Miracle Fruit, Monstera Deliciosa, Mulberry, Muntingia, Nectarine, Ohtaheite Gooseberry, Passion Fruit, Peach, Pear, Persimmon, Pitomba, Plum, Pomegranite, Rose Apple, Sapolilla, Sour Sop, Sugar Apple, Surinam Cherry, Tamarind, Vanilla Orchid and Wax Jambu.