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Crop Production is not Agrotechnology its CO2, And get your part of $10 trillion dollars!

Biobased USA started this rice project in Thailand and than Vietnam, India and Philipines. It was one lady, Not "AgriChem", that started a revolution of growing rice a non tradional more productive and disease free rice. I owe great debt to her and a man called Sanya from Monsanto. She had 5 acres of race and was unwilling to give us just a 10 x 10 plot of that land as that lands provides her a living. Sanya was able to convince her to try on little bit and than the magic started. 2 days Later she called back and said come hurry back and do my whole five as I believe. So we said why and how come, and she said my rice is greener and just looks better. Well that lady convinced me 8000 miles away to come and visit her and we did thank here, and also should the people India, Vietnam, Phillipines, Ecuador, Thailand to now get PicoAg. She grew the crop 2 weeks sooner and paid off her farming loan, Totally disease free, She made 19% more money and got a 4% bonus for growing such a high quality sweet crop. She is the Green lady of South Asia and Sanya deseaves a great thanks, I ask the people of Thailsnd to send her and him my way. He was the ex-country manger of Monsanto. Below is the summary!

Asian Rice Farmer Testimonal #1, 23% More Rice, 2 Weeks Sooner,
No Yield Loss to Disease Farmer believes she can get 3 crops vs 2
and 23% more yield per crop, 200% increase in agricultural

Sanya: After you spray PicoAg, you can see the difference. This is the use of PicoAg 45 day after spraying two times, and this is the use of traditional chemical Amore, you can see the difference. And happening to her is that after the use of PicoAg, the yield is better, which means that the harvest faster and you get more yield.
Don Wilshe: And you spray every 20 days?
Sanya: Spray every 20 days, so spray at 20, 40, 60 and 80 days.
Don Wilshe: And this is the third crop she has sprayed with it?
Sanya: This is the third, yeah. This is the third.
Don Wilshe: And how much faster does that come to market?
Sanya: Faster than the traditional almost two weeks.
Don Wilshe: Okay, and how much more production?
Sanya: It's about this is about
Don Wilshe: Approximately.
Sanya: This is the 80, and this is the 60. How much - how different, 20?
Don Wilshe: Does the farmer lady believe that she will be able to get a third crop in because of this faster growing?
Sanya: She believe.
Don Wilshe: She believes she can Now she has she doesn't have the newest method of the product with the seed wash? And then we may want to add some to the irrigation system, so we can put more nutrients in there and may be cut the time, I mean the goal would be to do in half, but the 30 isn't bad.
Sanya: She love because of your, what it is called the seed maturity of the seed is faster than the conventional.
Don Wilshe: Oh, the germination?
Sanya: No, I mean when you harvest you have to wait until the rice ripen, so when after use of PicoAg, the rice ripen faster than traditional use.
Don Wilshe: Okay, by how much?
Don Wilshe: One week?
Sanya: almost two weeks.
Don Wilshe: And this is what, 120 days? 120 days yeah, 120 days. So it mean that you harvest faster and you can sell earlier. Yes.
Sanya: Collect the money faster.
Don Wilshe: If you are early ? Look at the difference in size of these, from the control and from the PicoAg on the hood of this car. You can see by the roots so much bigger in the bottom and the height is almost almost twice as high, so this is very high. Okay, I want to show here what we have on the right hand side is the control, which you really can't see is the root structure on the control versus the or I guess, you can, the root structure on the control versus the PicoAg sprayed product. As you can see, the PicoAg product plant is almost twice the size, so this is just another photograph of proof that the PicoAg product here in Thailand is working extremely well. Okay, thank you.
Don Wilshe: Ang Thong province in Thailand and we have the PicoAg team here, the PicoAg team teamed up with the people, the farmers that had this great experience. Okay, I think we got it.

Asian Rice Farmer Testimonal #2, 20% More Rice, 2 Weeks Sooner,

No Yield Loss to Pests Farmer believes he can get much more
agricultural production and revenue.
Sanya: In English, you want me to say in English?
Donald Wilshe: Yes.
Sanya: Here you can see the comparison. This is PicoAg and this is Amore. In term of the essence, of the in term of the rice, it is better because of the seed quality is better. And you can see, the yield is better and the leaf is better than this because the leaf is cleaner.
Donald Wilshe: On the left.
Sanya: On the left is Amore, you can see there are some seed that have the disease and the leaf you can see there are some disease. So when compared, this is better because of the seed and the leaf is cleaner.
Donald Wilshe: So with the Amore, you have the disease in the leaf you think?
Sanya: Yeah.
Donald Wilshe: Because I can see the blight or the right, on the leaf?
Sanya: Yeah.
Donald Wilshe: Okay, anything you want to say in conclusion?
Sanya: And it is the quality of the seed, you can see this is the seed, you have only the seed, but no meal.
Donald Wilshe: Okay.
Sanya: It is no meal. But this is full of the meal. The weight of the seed is better, the quality of the seed is better.
Donald Wilshe: How much big was his crop? Did he weigh it, does he know the difference?
Sanya: He?
Sanya: He said that I will explain it to you. He said, it look better, it's really.
Donald Wilshe: Oh, this is the first time.
Sanya: Yeah, yes.
Sanya: No, the third time also.
Sanya: Third time.
Sanya: This is the third time, the third time farmer that used our products.
Donald Wilshe: What kind of production is he getting now, increase?
Donald Wilshe: Okay.
Sanya: Okay.
Donald Wilshe: Okay, tell us.
Sanya: Start?
Donald Wilshe: No, I have been running all along here, why don't you tell us the experience of what he has done here and summarize in English.
Sanya: So Mr. Job in the past, he when we meet with him, he tried PicoAg first time. He has total plantation is 3 hectares. He started one hectare first, and after he learned and he had the experience with using the PicoAg, he find that PicoAg is used PicoAg is making some more paddy life in his field is better, so he moved from using one hectare now to 3 hectares. The total plantation that he has he use all with PicoAg. He sprayed PicoAg every 20, 40 and 60 and 80 days after seeding.

Asian Rice Farmer Testimonal #3, 22% More Rice, 2 Weeks Sooner,
No Yield Loss to Pests. Farmer believes he can get much more
agricultural production and revenue. Don Wilshe: Go for, we are out in west of Bangkok here, and it's about 100 farmers who are going to start using this product, and here is a crop that has not been treated. So it has very little flowering, and you could pan over here to the fields and you can see the flowering is quite significant. That's a good comparison of the benefits of the product. The group of farmers, that are and distributors are inspecting the facility, very happy with the results as well as the owner, which is the chief of the people. Okay, Sanya , whenever you are ready. Have him talk to me.
Sanya: He said that after he used PicoAg the rice flowering is consistent and he believes he can obtain better yields. Okay, and make more money. Okay. Better yield.

Sanya: So I asked the lady and Kunkindai and Kunsute he is neighboring farmer. Kunkindai use PicoAg for plant only to increase the yield of the rice in the farm. She said that after spray PicoAg, the rice grain is green clean and yield of the paddy is very healthy. So she believe that she will get higher yields when harvest. And Kunsute the neighboring farmer after he passed this field, firstly, he believed that his field used the traditional of Amore, but after discuss with Kunkindai, Kunsute mentioned that if the result like this, she should get better yield and he believe that Picoag can help her rice produce more yield.

Distributor sells PicoAg because farmers want a safe and make more
money technology. They had been using Syngenta's Amore! No More
for them. She said - I asked her about why she introduced PicoAg to the farmers. She said, she would like to introduce the good things to the farmer, new technologies or the product that help to increase the yield for the farmer. This is her response.

Asian Rice Farmer Consultant PHD in Plant Growth:
Scientist: As you can see from this field, rice treated with PicoAg is very uniform in flowering, and leaf growth, plant growth and development is very healthy and farmers, the one of this plot love it so much, even though she treated the field only one time, only one time only. So I believe that PicoAg will be popular among Thai farmers in the future, particularly those how have the problem of Rice Disease like Blast, Blight, Shealth, etc
Scientist: Leaf Spot disease. And normally they use other chemical to treat the crops. By switching to PicoAg, they found the efficacy of PicoAg is similar to the one that they used before, so hope that PicoAg can solve farmer in the long run. Thank you.
Scientist: Not only for the leaf spot, also PicoAg can be used for the which is a very seriousBlast, Blight, Shealth it's a major problem for the rice and rice growers.
Scientist: I heard that farmers they got a very good crop, root development in this weather and plant growth is healthier than untreated plant, so that is a benefit. That is another benefit of this product to farmers.

Final Review with the green lady that started a rice growinng
revolution in Thailand
Don Wilshe Let's see the whole, give us a good example of the height of those two. Yeah, separate them a little more. There you go. Why don't you explain Sanyo what we are doing here?
Sanya: You want me to speak in English?
Don Wilshe: In English, and tell which is - what is those things?
Sanya: Yes, this is rice that - 45-day after sprayed by Nano Green twice and this is our control. You can see that the loose stem of treated and untreated is totally different, and the plant that after use with Nano Green is healthier than the plant is not used.
Fon Wilshe: And the control is using conventional pesticides?
Sanya: Yeah, this is the control we used is a traditional pesticides and this is we used only PicoAgonly, no pesticides.

Other discoveries from Thailand on Production and Disease coontrol

Thailand, Rice Blast Eliminated with Soysoap during trials in Thailand.

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