2011 Product: Soysoap, Plant: Soybeans, Comments: Hot and dry summers hurt crops for Ira Graham and other Batesville, Mississippi soybean farmers. ďI saw an ad in a farm magazine about Soysoap. I also talked with my cattleman neighbor who was using Soysoap on his forages, and they looked great. I started using Soysoap, and my beans have been healthier and more productive. Another farmer compared his plants to mine and the difference was amazing. My beans were full of pods from the top down, and his had no pods in the top 12-15 inches. Soysoap did its job! Iím using it on my beans next yearĒ, said Graham.

Durwood Gordon: My nameís Durwood Gordon I represent Biobased US Soysoap, today Iím in Batesville Mississippi with Ira Graham who used our product this past summer on his soybeans and just wanted to ask Ira a few questions about his soybeans, how do you like the way the Soysoap worked on you this year Ira?

Ira Graham: Iím pleased with the way it came out at the end because as dry as it was I couldnít expect much as of it as a crop you know?

Durwood Gordon: Thatís right and the yield is what weíre looking for at the end.

Ira Graham: The yield ended up, every yield for a pretty good decent year you know?

Durwood Gordon: Because we had a hot dryÖ

Ira Graham: Pretty dry this summer.

Durwood Gordon: It sure was, it sure was. How did you find out about us?

Ira Graham: Well I read in the magazine about it and I decided Iíll try it.

Durwood Gordon: Well thatís good.

Ira Graham: I needed all the help I could get.

Durwood Gordon: I understand that.

Ira Graham: And Iím pretty pleased with it.

Durwood Gordon: Good, good yeah I know that one of the things that you told me that I really appreciated it when you said that Soysoap did its job.

Ira Graham: Yeah I think it did.

Durwood Gordon: I think it did too because I took a lot of people there to look at your place.

Ira Graham: Or did you?

Durwood Gordon: I sure did.

Ira Graham: How were they?

Durwood Gordon: They were really impressed.

Ira Graham: They were impressed with it?

Durwood Gordon: They are very impressed and we went back and forth and I showed them some soya bean fields planted the same day, year it was spayed like yours and everything and could you tell me the difference that you know right where Iím talking about.

Ira Graham: I had some beans planted close to mine and we planted the same day and the only thing separated was a road between us and them beans got up five or six inches tall and I pulled my plant up and I pull some of his up with some yields up and saying that looks pretty. And the roots on my beans they looked like double the size of the yield.

Durwood Gordon: That isÖ

Ira Graham: Yeah it is, it is.

Durwood Gordon: And I know when I got down there you and I were walking up there and you said can you tell the difference in these beans? Some people tell that they canít tell the difference but when I got up to him I could tell the difference.

Ira Graham: There is a difference, it makes a difference

Durwood Gordon: How many pods that you went up and how many on the other land?

Ira Graham: Specifically I canít really say but I can see them because thereís a lot of difference in between mine and his.

Durwood Gordon: Was about a lot top 12 inches of him in them pods.

Ira Graham: I went to the top.

Durwood Gordon: You were over the top. Tell me about that place that your mother had, your motherís property?

Ira Graham: Yes sheís got almost a 30 acre block and in its real sandy and when you leave on hot weather they act like a hot spot they dive out for eight and a half all the way across there but when I sprayed it once this year they got a little thin but they never died out but I did good beans off of it when I usually donít anything.

Durwood Gordon: I say they donít, something is very bad.

Ira Graham: It did Ė they stay pretty much all year round, the whole season.

Durwood Gordon: Were you pretty happy with your test weight on those things?

Ira Graham: Yes because you leave with that dry season out here the test weight donít be the equivalent but the test weight right at 60 on these beans is good.

Durwood Gordon: That is wonderful, thatís wonderful because I -- listen we all suffered this year from that heat.

Ira Graham: I was afraid, I was afraid it wasnít going to be there but it did.

Durwood Gordon: Well great, thatís great. What if I ask you this, do you think youíll use Soysoap again next year?

Ira Graham: Yes I believe I will.

Durwood Gordon: Well I tell you what a lot of people drove by your places thatÖ

Ira Graham: Well I begin to hear that but I figured so my son he had his young fellow with him heís going down he saw the beans he said that Ė the young fellow said he got to wash up on no bean he said they wouldnít be looking like that if they did.

Durwood Gordon: You could tell the difference?

Ira Graham: Down that road you could tell the difference.

Durwood Gordon: Yeah was the color better?

Ira Graham: The color were different yeah they kept the color off from falling off.

Durwood Gordon: Thatís good, thatís good and they keep saying to make it through that stressful period.

Ira Graham: Made it through the stressful and that bean Ė it may be eaten from the bottom to the top, you know that youíve looked there but you get it.

Durwood Gordon: I did and I had a lot of fun taking people by there to see those beans.

Ira Graham: Were they impressed too?

Durwood Gordon: They were very impressed.

Ira Graham: Well good.

Durwood Gordon: Theyíre very impressed.

Ira Graham: Iím not much of a farmer you know?

Durwood Gordon: No youíre pretty good farmer; youíre pretty good farmer because a lot of people look up to you more than you know.

Ira Graham: Thank you. I donít like being in the spotlight too much.

Durwood Gordon: Well Iím kind of hang up I like to get the picture do what I can. Well I thank you for meeting me here today and thank you for using Soysoap.

Ira Graham: Thank you.

Durwood Gordon: I look forward to hear from you even next year.

Ira Graham: Appreciate that.

Durwood Gordon: Thank you Ira.

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