Unhappy Farmer becomes Very Happy At the Scale

The story below is self evident about a farmer that took his 20 bales of Tobacco to Market. The first thing that happen was his 20 bales were all rejected for being overweight by 200 to 300 pounds. So the farmer had to take all his bales back and restack them! But at the end it was very good for the farmer as his 20 bales of 1100 lbs were restacked at 800 lbs and now the farmer took back to the auction house the 300 lbs x 20 and got 6000 more unexpected pounds divided by 800 got him 7 more 800 bales or about $9900.00. Now this farmer had been stacking with his brother Tobacco for 25 years but never realized the Soysoap keep growing the Tobacco plants in the vegetative state to get his extra weight. This benefit did not include his tobacco also being elevated to Grade 1 and the Tobacco did not tear apart while traveling.

John Smith 175 Acres Tobacco Growing Operation for Dark Fired Tobacco and Burley Tobacco. This video will help you
understand how the Soysoap is used by John Smith! Smith Farms in their 3rd season of using Soysoap on tobacco. Smiths Farms is also the Research Farm for BioBased.US for developing the usage of Soysoap on Dark Fired, Dark Air Cured, and Burley Tobacco. BioBased.US and Smith Farms has developed the protocol for applying Soysoap to Dark and Burley Tobacco. Using Soysoap with our 5 step application program insures that the tobacco plants maintain a higher brix level as to increase plant health which inturn increases "Quality and Poundage" . Start at setting, using Soysoap in transplant water, then 3 applications between setting and bloom equally spaced out in timing, then last application after topping approx. 3-5 days. A healthier plant as the ability to sustain itself through a wide variety of weather conditions such as dry weather. Soysoap by making the plant healthier puts a 30-60% larger root system to help the plant to better survive hot and dry conditions. Producers for the last 3 seasons have been able to tell the difference in the treated versus the untreated. Producers in central Kentucky for the last 2 years where they have had extreme weather conditions from wet springs to extended hot and dry in summer say that Soysoap treated tobacco really out performs untreated tobacco by a wide margin. In Virginia I had tobacco buyer for the Virginia-Carolina Warehouse company tell me that Soysoap treated tobacco out yielded untreated by 700 lbs. to the acre and he ad more #1  grade come through the warehouse than he had ever had before. Higher grades of tobacco means an easier job for the warehouse to market but also means more money for producers. A win win situation for both.

John Smith 175 Acres Tobacco Growing Operation for Dark Fired Tobacco and Burley Tobacco.

John Smith 175 Acres Tobacco Grade 1 Dark Burley Tobacco.

John Smith 175 Acres This tobacco has had high heat stress and does not show it. Also no insect pressure no holes in leaves from bugs leads to a lot higher quality producing tobacco this what buyers want. This is burley tobacco. Looks great in my opinion. Look how smooth and waxy the leaves are and they are thick. Stressed leaves have a weathered and rough look to them which leads to less quality and poundage. Pictures taken July 26 2012 at high noon. Temp for several days has been between 95-100 degrees with heat index as high as 108. Soysoap treated tobacco is far more healthy and can tolerate the heat . A Healthy Plant is a more Productive Plant.

John Smith 175 Acres Same here as with Burley Tobacco, healthy ,smooth, waxy looking leaves. Plant Health equals higher production. Again no leaf damage for a higher quality looking finished

Tobacco Hanging Barn

Hanging Burley Tobacco on outside racks and then we cover with plastic to keep most of the weather and rain from tobacco. We have 25 mexicans to do tobacco this year.

Look how long the tobacco is. Good healthy in great shape, and it will color out very well .

Steel frame wagons to hang tobacco on to trans sport to hang outside to cure out.

Todd Harton Grows between 300 to 400 acres of chewing tobacco! But dark tobacco outlook still strong The good performance of moist snuff products relative to cigarettes has lead to a continued strong market for the dark tobacco types. Todd Harton of Cadiz, Ky., had the largest acreage of fire-cured tobacco in the country last yaer at 260 acres, and he is increasing again this year to 300 acres or more. "All my tobacco goes for snuff, and the snuff industry is strong right now," he says. Two practices have helped him a lot in recent years, he says. "I began strip tillage eight years ago," he says. "I didn't want the soil to wash. Now, ground preparation is quicker, tobacco stays clean and I can get back in quicker after a rain." Harton started using Soysoap midway thru the season in 2009. He thinks it has given a yield increase of 250 to 300 pounds, but the main benefit is increased quality. "We can get the finish we want, and with one less firing," he says.

Randy Baldwin Story about his Burley Video

2011 Randy Baldwin Planting: Tobacco and Wheat. Comments: Randy Baldwin of Manchester, Ohio, has used Soysoap 2 for several years. The first year his tobacco was greener and healthier than other farmers’ crops. The second year he ordered more Soysoap 2 and applied it not only on his tobacco, but also on his wheat and pastures. “I have had really good success with Soysoap 2. Each year I am required to sow a cover crop on my tobacco patch, so I planted wheat in late September,” said Randy. “I sprayed it with Soysoap 2 the end of October. I am doing a trial on wheat for BIOBASED US. We want to see what kind of roots we can put on the wheat before it goes dormant. We took pictures in November, and even though the wheat wasn’t very tall, it had already tillered some, and the root system had already set under the plant to help prevent freeze-out this winter.” Randy thought he had gotten a chemical burn on his tobacco last summer, so his extension agent took some tissue samples. The results showed a Potash deficiency. Randy had used Soysoap 2 only in his transplant water. After consulting with Steve Mosley, Randy applied 8oz. of Soysoap 2 on the tobacco. Seven days later, the tobacco showed no signs of deficiency, and the crop was one of his best. “If it had not been for Soysoap 2, I would have disked up that patch of tobacco. It looked really bad, and I thought it would not make anything at all.” Randy highly recommends Soysoap 2 to anyone growing anything. “If it grows on my farm, I spray it with Soysoap 2,” said Randy.

2011 C.A. Duncan and son Troy Story about his Burley Video

2011 C.A. Duncan and son Troy: Product - Soysoap 2 got 450-500 Lbs Burley Tobacco per acre. Comments: After seeing trial results from the BioBased.US research farm in West Tennessee, C.A. Duncan and son Troy Biobased about Soysoap 2. They ordered a small amount of product to try on their tobacco crops. “Last year we had some improvement in our tobacco, but there is always room for more,” said Troy. In 2011 the Duncan’s planted about 75 acres of tobacco. On the last setting they left a 7 acre control plot on some of the best crop land. “We could tell a difference in the Soysoap 2 treated and untreated tobacco and I wish I had left a smaller acreage for the control plot. The treated tobacco on the poor land made a better crop than the untreated tobacco on the good land,” stated Troy. “We had a 95% live rate on plants where Soysoap 2 was added to transplant water and an 80-85% live rate on untreated plants. The Soysoap 2 treated crop had a more consistent color, growth, and height. Our average yield had been from 1700-1750 lbs. to 2000 lbs. This year we should have no problem having a 2200 lbs. average. I can safely say Soysoap 2 is going to increase my average yield about 450-500 lbs per acre. When using Soysoap 2, the tobacco stayed “in case” better and we were able to take tobacco down more often. Not only are we seeing an increase in poundage, but also an increase in quality.” C.A. and Troy Duncan are very pleased with the performance of Soysoap 2 this year and plan to use more next year on their other crops.

Allen Warren Story about his Burley Video $5,000 More Acre

Here’s what Burley grower Allen Warren of Stokes, NC saw in his 4.5 acres of tobacco that made him $5,000 per acre: He credits a new “nanotech” adjuvant called Soysoap for higher yield and higher quality premiums on his 2009 burley crop. As you know, tobacco buyers are insisting on high quality. Many are refusing contracts with producers unless they have a record of delivering quality!

1. High-quality leaves earned premium prices. Tobacco from one acre which Allen sprayed twice sold for $1.84 per pound, with most bales grading 1. Tobacco from 3.5 acres sprayed once brought $1.80 per pound; these bales graded 1 or 2.

2. Outstanding yield. In this area, a 2,000-lb. per acre burley yield is considered good. The tobacco which Allen treated twice yielded close to 3,000 pounds. Tobacco treated once yielded around 2,300 pounds.

3. There was virtually no disease, even though he didn’t fumigate soil. Insect pressure was light, indicating a healthier, stronger tobacco plant.

Flue-cured tobacco growers using Soysoap have seen yield gains up to 50%, plus better-curing tobacco that grades higher. Mark Smitherman of East Bend, NC, says Soysoap produces high-quality fluecured leaf: “You can smell the healthier aroma.” In 2009, about 75 tobacco growers tested Soysoap treatment protocols, up to four spray applications: During Transplant, 20 Days after Transplant, At layby, At pre-bloom, Tank-mixed with MH.

Cold weather in Fall 2009 revealed another benefit of Soysoap: Frost protection. Barry Newsome of Farmington, KY heard a forecast low of 29 F for Oct. 17. He sprayed Soysoap on his tobacco Oct. 16. Freezing temps lasted six hours on Oct. 17. Ice formed on the leaves of his tobacco, but the crop had no injury. Nearby tobacco fields had substantial freeze damage. Good news on the product used to hold the frost off. Barry Newsome called to tell me that last night the temp got to 31 degrees and had ice on the leaves of the tobbacco plants and they did well, survived the cold in good shape. Will document this in my book and will use for an endorsement on my webb site i am creating.Also had a conversation about adding product to tobbacco program for next year he was very receptive especially after last night positive results. I think there are good things to come for the farmers in west tenn and west kentucky. So far the contact i have had has sparked alot of interest. About to get all my info together to start handing out to farmers. Have some mega producers that have expressed interest in the product. Thanks again for getting the stuff to me and helping me to get off on the right foot with this. Very excited!!!

Eastern Carolina 2009 Burley Leaves - Picture 1!

Eastern Carolina 2009 Burley Leaves - Picture 2!

Eastern Carolina 2009 Burley Leaves - Picture 3!

Mexico: Manuel is allowed to grow 2 hectares or 5 acres of tobacco. The last 2 yrs. he has used Soysoap . There poundage is measured in Kilos not pounds. A kilo is 2.2 lbs. 1 hectare on average produces 2500 kilos or 5500 lbs. for 2 acres. This year Manuel produced 3800 kilos or 8360 lbs. for 2 acres. This s a difference of 2860 lbs for 2 acres, or 1430 lbs. for 1 acre. He made so much more than any one else that the Tobacco Company did an investigation in to it. They thought that he had bought tobacco from some other producers and had to find out before they would pay him what he raised and brought to market. But they paid him. Funny part of this is Manuel has 2 brothers, Arturo, and Santos. Arturo used Soysoap also and made good tobacco like his brother. Santos did not use on his Tobacco and he lost money on his crop and he s having to sent money home every week to pay off his debt to tobacco company. The moral to the story is "Use Soysoap and you will make money says Manuel"

Blown down Tobacco stands up in 3 days after getting hit with 70 to 80 mph winds! This is not unusually same thing happens with corn! Watch the videos!

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