Wheat: World Famous Dr. Leon Hesser (60 Years Wheat Farming) Interviews Farmer About The 5 Inch Wheat Heads And production exceeding 100 bushels acre. Farmer says, The Wheat is not normal and its amazing and the farmer should know who has been growing wheat for 50 years. Farmers says, Each Wheat plants produced about 23 stalks with full heads. Dr. Norman Borlaug Agriculture Nobel Prize winner for Mexi-Pak Fungus Resistant Wheat that been estimated to save over 300 million lives in India and Pakistan. Dr. Hesser biggest contribution was logistically getting the product into reluctant countries India and Pakistan to help save those lives. Simply put without the uncredited Hesser, No Nobel Prize and Massive loss of Lives!

Transciption of Interview!

Wheat 5-inch 4 Rows, 100 Bushels

Dr. Hesser: Hi, I'm Dr. Leon Hesser. Don Wilshe has been telling me all about this stuff that you've been applying to your crops down here. I didn't believe him, and he said, "Come down and look at it!" So I decided to come down. Tell me about it.

NC Farmer This ain't normal. I mean, we're not used to seeing wheat with a 5-inch head on it. It's amazing. Here in the Piedmont of North Carolina, close to Winston-Salem, we've seen wheat before, but we had never seen it before with this much of a head on it.

Dr. Hesser: Well, I agree. I farmed until I was 30, and I've never seen wheat with a head any longer than that. This is remarkable.

NC Farmer It is; it really is. I mean, there ain't just one, there are bunches of them. There are some that are a little shorter, but most of them are a whole lot longer than normal.

Dr. Hesser: What do you think the yield will be on this?

NC Farmer Around 100 bushels an acre or better.

Dr. Hesser: Yeah?

NC Farmer Yeah. It may be better than that because I think we're going to check it and see what it is.

Dr. Hesser: Yeah. We'll find out in a few days.

NC Farmer Right. They're still a little bit on the green side yet, but it's looking real good.

Dr. Hesser: Yeah. It sure is.

NC Farmer We've had a lot of wind. It's got down some, but it was already made and everything, so I don't think that's going to hurt it that bad. It'll be a little hard to cut, but it still ain't down as bad as it should be, as much wind as we've had.

Dr. Hesser: Yeah. It looks good.

NC Farmer We pulled up one grain there a minute ago and it had 23 stalks on it. That's where it tendered out.

Dr. Hesser: 23; and long, tall heads.

NC Farmer Yeah; long, tall heads on that. So every grain made a whole bunch of grains back.

Dr. Hesser: Well, you guys are making a believer out of me.

NC Farmer I'll tell you, Soysoap's making a believer out of me. If it's green, spray it. [Laughter] We're going to use it on everything we've got this time… beans… We've used it on our wheat and oats. I am well pleased with it, and this wheat's really looking like when it gets dry enough, we're going to see something we haven't ever seen before.

Dr. Hesser: Great. Excellent.

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