Dr. Hesser asked Buddy about Soysoap Innoculation but did say he got 64 lbs test weight on wheat.

Transciption of Interview!

Wheat 64 Lbs Test Weight

Don Wilshe: Dr. Hesser, you had a question for Bud about his test weight on his wheat.

Dr Hesser: Yes. Tell me, what did the test weight run on the wheat you got this year?

Buddie: 63-64 pounds.

Dr. Hesser: How does that compare with what youíve had before?

Buddie: Well, last year was 58. I have had it 61 or 62, but never 64.

Dr. Hesser: Yeah. Thatís tremendous.

Buddie: Over 60, thatís the good stuff.

Dr. Hesser: Excellent.

Don Wilshe: Freddie, you said you had a question for Bud about his using the product as a inoculant of some kind. I donít know what that means.

Freddie: Have you tried to inoculate it with the soap and all your seed?

Buddie: Just one where I did the germ test on it. I put just about pure stuff on them, and I did my germ and had 90% germ. So it didnít hurt them at all.

Freddie: Well, Iíve been thinking about inoculating the ones Iíve been doing. Iíve made inoculators and then put them right into the drill. I was thinking about trying that and see if it wouldnít help them, especially with it a little dry like we are now. They need all the help they can get with this dry weather, as far as getting them up.

Buddie: Right. Iíd like to have mine inoculated, too. Iíll probably put a little on some of them and try them.

Dr. Hesser: Thatís on soy beans.

Buddie: Yeah.

Don Wilshe: I donít think Iíd want to go with the pure stuff, but I think for economic purposes, you could probably cut back to like 300-400 to 1.

Buddie: Right. I was just trying it to see if it would kill them. [Laughter]

Don Wilshe: I think you were just trying to see how strong them Pioneer seeds were. [Laughter] Thanks a lot. I think we pretty much covered it, and weíve taken up more than enough of your time.

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