Wheat: Soysoap Treated as an Surfactnt got the farmer was 110 bushels, and untreated was 60, Double the Straw for Landscaping!

Salesman: From North Carolina, 10 miles Northwest of Winston-Salem. Tim you have been using some of this Soysoap, Do what do you think of the Soysoap since youíve been using?

Tim Disher: If itís green, spray it. This field was sprayed one time and the next field we go to, you will see the difference, it hadnít been sprayed.

Salesman: Well how long has this been sprayed?

Tim Disher: About 25 days, 20-25 days somewhere.

Salesman: Look like still growing, even this dries well, how much rain have you had in the last week?

Tim Disher: Weíve had six tenths in eight weeks.

Salesman: We didnít have a whole lot of water, I know that, we dry over our way, and itís really affecting these beans but I donít see how they are still growing and you know like they are doing, but well this Soysoap on them seemed like they are growing better than [Indiscernible] [0:01:00].

Tim Disher: They are growing a lot better than they would without it.

Salesman: Yeah, thatís what Iím seeing on what Iíve got you know it was done real good. I mean I can use spraying this Soysoap and...

Tim Disher: We only sprayed about 15 minutes [Phonetic] [0:01:14]

Salesman: 1500 hectares. What about on your wheat, didnít you spray some wheat with Soysoap this time or you didnít spray some?

Tim Disher: Sprayed half of my crop and the half that we spray average between 90 and 110 bushels but we didnít spray average 60 to 65. And the straw was a bigger difference than that, it made quite almost 120 bales of straw about 60, double the straw where we sprayed.

Salesman: Well what do you use the straw for?

Tim Disher: Landscaping.

Salesman: So that helped you a lot there where you got extra straws to landscape within and did you notice any difference in the straw before you sprayed and where you didnít spray?

Tim Disher: The straw doubled.

Salesman: I know but was it a more of a...

Tim Disher: The straw was really golden pretty where you sprayed and it was a browner color where you didnít, it wasnít gold but in our test later on that week, it was just out of the roof.

Salesman: Yeah I know just they [Inaudible] [0:02:11] what we had this time too. Well, letís go to look at the ones that you got that you didnít spray then. You noticed, we come to another field here and Allan you said you ainít sprayed these?

Tim Disher: I hadnít sprayed these yet but I was planning on spraying them all.

Salesman: Well it seem to me there is a whole lot of difference in the color and everything and ainít quite as big now where they hadnít been sprayed, was it planted the same day?

Tim Disher: Same day, same variety, same everything, so it had been sprayed with roundup the same, we just run out of Soysoap, when I got here.

Salesman: Can you see here, looks like the dears is been working on this and now they are putting on back out that, that Soysoap should speed them up you know as far as growing you know. The dears is kind of aggravating but there is now and Iím sure there over there bugging everybody else.

Tim Disher: They are a nuisance.

Salesman: Yeah they really Ė been working on some of these things you know. Well you think you going to spray Soysoap next year orÖ?

Tim Disher: If I plant I am going to spray.

Salesman: Thatís what I felt like last year when I sprayed mine I felt like if I spray my whole crop this year and you bought enough spray, all your beans this time after you sprayed your wheat, so I guess just a little bit doing makes a believer out of you.

Tim Disher: Yep.

Salesman: And of course it sure did me.

Tim Disher: If you plant soak it.

Salesman: If you plant soak it. Well thatís kind of the way I feel and of course Iíve seen some of the beans is dry as well, I mean how they keep growing and weíve got some thatís getting way on up here like this you know, and Iím sure you have too. You know that they just didnít have that much water and all and we need some, I hear a little bit of thunderÖ

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