Soybeans: Wayne and Kent Farmers say Adjuvant "Miracle Soap", Which is Soysoap.

Transciption of Interview!

Wayne-Smitherman-Kent-Doub-Soybeans 7-21-2008-5

Wayne: Hi, my name is Wayne Smitherman of Yadkin County, North Carolina. North Carolina Farmer taught me to use this miracle Soysoap, and I've been well pleased. We've used it on barley, oats, and wheat, and it's done a great job! We've used it now on our corn and soybeans and we've not had enough rain to do the miracle, but it's not bad for no rain. I tell Freddie and everybody else, if it's green and you're going to spray it, use it. It's the same way with the other grain crops. The only thing different over the years was the Soysoap. It does a great job.

Speaker 1: Soysoap.

Wayne: I thought it was Freddie's miracle soap.

Speaker 2: Soysoap.

Kent Doub: Hello, my name is Kent Doub. I'm Wayne Smitherman's neighbor. I also use the Soysoap. I raise soybeans and tobacco. I'm using it mostly on soybeans. I've had real good luck with it, especially where I have deer problems, groundhog problems. You spray it when they're real small, and they really take off growing, don't they Wayne?

Wayne: They do. It did a great job!

Kent: I think they could outgrow the deer. With no more rain than we've had you can see here it's a pretty average crop for everybody that's used the soap. I'll continue using it.

Wayne: Again, I call it miracle soap - disease, wildlife - it works!

Kent: Look here, Wayne. The insects are not eating these beans like they usually do. There are holes in the leaves, usually.