Thailand Rice Farmer uses Soysoap on her rice! She gets 30% more rice in 30 less days and saves water, She gets 5% quality bonus. Believe can grow an entire 3rd crop in Thailand! 160% more Crop.

Male Speaker 1: Two, three, go.

Male Speaker 1: And Sanyo.

Male Speaker 2: Yeah.

Male Speaker 1: Do you know which version?

Male Speaker 2: You want me to tell in English?

Male Speaker 1: What did she just say?

Male Speaker 2: In English or in Thai?

Male Speaker 1: English.

Male Speaker 2: After you spray Soysoap 25B, you can see the difference. This is the use of Soysoap 25B 45 day after spraying two times, and this is the use of traditional chemical, you can see the difference. And happening to her is that after the use of Soysoap 25B, the yield is better, which means that the harvest faster and you get more waste of the yield.

Male Speaker 1: And you spray every 20 days?

Male Speaker 2: Spray every 20 days, so spray at 20, 40, 60 and 80 days.

Male Speaker 1: And this is the third crop she has sprayed with it?

Male Speaker 2: This is the third, yeah. This is the third.

Male Speaker 1: And how much fast does that come to market?

Male Speaker 2: Faster than the traditional almost two weeks.

Male Speaker 1: Okay, and how much more production?

Male Speaker 2: It's about - this is about - it is about -

Male Speaker 1: Approximately.

Male Speaker 2: I will calculate it into percentage. This is the 80, and this is the 60. How much - how different, 20?

Male Speaker 1: So it's one-third more.

Male Speaker 2: No, no, this is the 80 ton per rice, this is the 60 ton, this means the difference is 20.

Male Speaker 1: 20, that is 33% more.

Male Speaker 2: 33 - yeah, it is - the yield is 33% more compared to the after spraying Soysoap 25B and not spraying, we get 33% more.

Male Speaker 1: Does the farmer lady believe that she will be able to get a third crop in because of this faster growing?

Male Speaker 2: She believe.

Male Speaker 1: She believes she can -

Male Speaker 1: Now she has - she doesn't have the newest version of the product with the seed wash?

Male Speaker 1: And then we may want to add some to the irrigation system, so we can put more nutrients in there and may be cut the time, I mean the goal would be to do in half, but the 30 isn't bad.

Male Speaker 2: She love because of your - what it is called the seed is - the maturity of the seed is faster than the conventional.

Male Speaker 1: Oh, the germination?

Male Speaker 2: No, I mean when you harvest you have to wait until the rice ripen, so when after use of Soysoap 25B, the rice ripen faster than traditional use.

Male Speaker 1: Okay, by how much?

Male Speaker 2: For one week.

Male Speaker 1: One week?

Male Speaker 2: One, almost two weeks.

Male Speaker 1: And this is what, 120 days?

Male Speaker 1: 120 days yeah, 120 days. So it mean that you harvest faster and you can sell earlier.

Male Speaker 1: Yes.

Male Speaker 2: Collect the money faster.

Male Speaker 1: If you are early?

Male Speaker 1: Look at the difference in size of these, from the control and from the Soysoap 25B on the hood of this car. You can see by the roots so much bigger in the bottom and the height is almost - almost twice as high, so this is very high. Okay, I want to show here what we have on the right hand side is the control, which you really can't see is the root structure on the control versus the - or I guess, you can, the root structure on the control versus the Soysoap 25B sprayed product. As you can see, the Soysoap 25B product plant is almost twice the size, so this is just another photograph of proof that the Soysoap 25B product here in Thailand is working extremely well. Okay, thank you. Now everyone, Ang Thong.

Male Speaker 2: Ang Thong. Ang Thong.

Male Speaker 1: Ang Thong province.

Male Speaker 2: Ang Thong province.

Male Speaker 1: Ang Thong province in Thailand and we have the Soysoap 25B team here, the Soysoap 25B team teamed up with the people, the farmers that had this great experience. Okay, I think we got it.

Male Speaker 2: Okay.

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