Thailand Rice: 2nd Farmer group meeting about the merit of the Soysoap on their rice production. Soysoap again outperformed Syngenta Amore in terms of quality and producton. He sprayed Soysoap every 20, 40 and 60 and 80 days after seeding.

Don Wilshe: Okay, now we are to second farm in Thailand, Ang Thong province. Okay, whenever you want to start.

Alvin: They look the same almost.

Don Wilshe: Please.

Sanya: Okay, done?

Don Wilshe: Yes.

Sanya: In English, you want me to say in English?

Don Wilshe: Yes.

Sanya: Here you can see the comparison. This is Soysoap and this is currently used product Syngenta's Amore. In term of the for essence of the in term of the rice, it is better because of the seed quality is better. And you can see, the yield is better and the leaf is better than this because the leaf is cleaner.

Don Wilshe: On the left.

Sanya: On the left is Syngenta Amore, you can see there are some seed that have the disease and the leaf you can see there are some disease. So when compared, this is better because of the seed and the leaf is cleaner.

Don Wilshe: So with the Syngenta Amore, you have the disease in the leaf you think?

Sanya: Yeah.

Don Wilshe: Because I can see the blight on the right, on the leaf?

Sanya: Yeah.

Don Wilshe: Okay, anything you want to say in conclusion?

Sanya: And it is the quality of the seed, you can see this is the seed, you have only the seed, but no meat.

Don Wilshe: Okay.

Sanya: It is no meat. But this is full of the meat. The weight of the seed is better, the quality of the seed is better.

Alvin: How much big was his crop? Did he weigh it, does he know the difference?

Sanya: He?

Don Wilshe: He said that - I will explain it to you. He said, it look better, it's really.

Sanya: Oh, this is the first time.

Don Wilshe: Yeah, yes.

Sanya: No, the third time also.

Don Wilshe: Third time.

Sanya: This is the third time, the third time farmer that used our products.

Don Wilshe: What kind of production is he getting now, increase?

Don Wilshe: No, I have been running all along here, why don't you tell us the experience of what he has done here and summarize in English.

Sanya: So Mr. Job in the past, he when we meet with him, he tried Soysoap first time. He has total plantation is 3 hectares. He started one hectare first, and after he learned and he had the experience with using the Soysoap 25B, he find that Soysoap is used. Soysoap is making some more paddy life in his field is better, so he moved from using one hectare now to 3 hectares. The total plantation that he has he use all with Soysoap 25B. He sprayed Soysoap every 20, 40 and 60 and 80 days after seeding.

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