Thailand Rice Agronomist and distributor discuss the health of the rice when Soysoap treated on rice against leaf blight and Leaf Spot, unlike Syngentas Amore!

Agronomist: As you can see from this field, rice treated with Soysoap is very uniform in flowering, and leaf growth, plant growth and development is very healthy and farmers, the one of this plot love it so much, even though she treated the field only one time, only one time only. So I believe that Soysoap will be popular among Thai farmers in the future, particularly those how have the problem of leaf blight and leaf

Sanya: Spot.

Agronomist: Spot disease. And normally they use other chemical to treat the crops. By switching to Soysoap 25B, they found the efficacy of Soysoap is similar to the one that they used before, so hope that Soysoap can solve farmer in the long run. Thank you. Have anything to add?

Sanya: Not only for the leaf spot, also Soysoap can be used for the which is a very serious - it's a major problem for the rice and rice growers.

Agronomist: I heard that farmers they got a very good crop, root development in this weather and plant growth is healthier than untreated plant, so that is a benefit. That is another benefit of this product to farmers.

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