IRRI Bangladesh Rice Farmers Found Out: When Pesticides Weren't Used They Got No Pests! This makes perfect Sense! Here is the deal if you dont want pests dont make your plants sick, make sense?? You do this when you use Organic Chemistry based pesticides as plants only like to grow using physical chemsitry or dirt!!! The more organic chemistry the more your lower plant health (Brix Levels) and plants are not able to defend themselves as there health is lower and lower with persistent use! These pesticides and herbicides can chelate or immobilize the nurtients by up to 80%. So why would you want to waste 80% of the money you spent on fertilizers of all kinds.

Introduction “PicoAg 25B”! Physical Chemistry was discontined about 1920's as much as possible by Agri-Chem because they wanted simply this a patented product. I have never lost yield trail with physical chemistry “PicoAg 25B” vs organic chemistry for crop yield production, soil remediation, crop production. You might hear a very little from Ag Magazines (Why because Agri-Chem spends monthly buy $10,000 to $40,000 on Ads and the magazines can't afford to lose that revenue about innovative technology), Universities (They Agri-Chem Funds State Ag Colleges Period, When you control a state ag Colleges you can control the states farmers purchases!), Crop Associations, Ext Agents (Ext Agents from Ag Colleges are given a script for farmer precentation for each county and are not allowed to vary from it by the lead professor of each crop), Crop Consultants (CCA, Some good independents ones out there), Why to most are dependent on Agri-Chem! Lets talk about fertilizers and anhydrous ammonia's and why we use so much. Its not because we always need it, its because its so cheap that its used as insurance against loses and the industry had to drum up some nonsense about how much we need. Basic NPK's is at best a 5% gross profit business. So business went to the universities and got a bunch of professors and Naughty Scientist soil scientists and told them they need to sell more lbs. per acre, and they obliged with some scientific proof. The reason we need fertilizers and anhydrous ammonia's after soil tests is that the fertilizers and anhydrous ammonia's sink into the soil beyond the capability of the plants or bacteria or fungi (via a symbiotic relationship) to deliver fertilizers and ammonia's to the plant. Maybe it's used to early, maybe the Nitrogen needs to be applied early and late, but its not for the reason you are being told, as it's all about making more money for the fertilizers industry. Imagine what you could do with $200 to $400 more per acre back in your pocket. You won't have to grow 100 more bushels of corn or 40 more bushels of beans just to pay for fertilizers/anhydrous. The math is simple, a 1000 acre farmer could make $200,000 to $400,000 more per year if the actual needs were calculated. The year after unused fertilizers are applied they are probably 6 to 8 feet below the plant you are growing! There are 3 million farmers in the USA and I only want 3000, Let Agri-Chem service the rest! I find the dealers and universities have little knowledge on physical chemistry and dont understand “PicoAg 25B” can't explain he benefits for agri-chem doesn't understand it so I have very very few as that were educated in organic chemistry, and arent effective in selling product even though we win yield and protection contests we enter! Farmers to make money need a CLEAN BREAK from the ways of the past as they are going broke. There are 3 million farmers in the USA and I only want 3000, Let Agri-Chem service the rest with toxic solutions!

Dr. Huber Presentations: Herbicide Consequences, Human Health, Fusarium Glycenes, Translocaton Prevention

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