North Carolina: 100% Increase in Barley production and higher protein, Foot 4 Barley 3 Weeks before harvest, Barley was certified by NCSU Ext Agent at 103 lbs acre when harvested! Barley was growing over a foot and half higher so the farmer didnt have to buy bedding hay for his cows! Farmer said he grew on 9 acres what he grew on 18 acres last year, 55 bu. to 103 bu. aint bad!

Freddie: I got this stick here. It's about 4 foot tall. Barley don't get by about 2 foot tall. And this is 4 foot. And, heads I tell you these, heads on this barley. But I'm 6 foot 2. And I'm 6'2" and it's striking me right along here. And it's out way over the whole field, I mean. This is just about level. And normally, our barley don't get by about, not over 3 foot if it gets that tall. And we use this heads on barley, you know, because they're really big. They swell out, you know. And they're maturing good. And if this is done real, to see barley this tall and big, and this is close to maturity.

Don Wilshe: Well Freddie, we're going to come back in about three weeks when we harvest this. And then by that time, we'll know what the yield and the test weight is and what the protein levels are, right?

Freddie: Right. Yeah, you know, that's going to be very interesting because I tell you, these heads is really standing open for the maturity that they're in right now. And the farmer, they had, last year, had barley and all he sprayed this kind of barley. And he said that his year long 9 acres was this good or twice as good as it was on 18 acres. He didn't spray plus he got the straw for his bedding for his cattle. Feed barley for cattle and horses!

Don Wilshe: Normally, isn't it?

Freddie: Yeah but it was normally. It's feed barley for cattle and all and he milks his cows and all he uses this to make feed out of. And it's he's looking for a higher protein and all and since he sprayed it with Soysoap. He's hoping that that's going to raise the protein considerably in the barley and a test weight too.

Don Wilshe: What's he going to use all the straw for under their heads?

Freddie: He uses it to bed his cattle. And he takes a whole lot of straw for them. And he likes that because you don't have to go buy straw. He can raise his own, and don't have to go get it somewhere else.

Don Wilshe: Well, let's see what happens in about three weeks, Freddie.

Freddie: All righty.

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